Woman Sends Off For New Passport, Can’t Believe What She Receives Back

by : Julia Banim on : 10 Aug 2017 14:07

Getting a new passport is a minefield. You can’t smile and you’re trying so hard not to blink you end up with eyebrows disappearing up into your hairline.


What you usually end up with is a very startled, sometimes disgruntled, image of yourself which you will resent whacking out at passport control for years to come.

Chelsey Ramos, from Texas, actually took a very flattering picture and probably felt fairly confident as she sent it off for a passport renewal.

Unfortunately, a printing error at the State Department left her with an alarmingly elongated forehead…


The forehead in this photograph is about five times taller than Chelsey’s. You can’t even tell it’s her!

Her boyfriend Reece Lagunas naturally found alien Chelsey hilarious and couldn’t resist sharing the picture on Reddit, under the caption: ‘The State Department Nailed My Girlfriend’s Passport’.

Luckily for Chelsey, she has been issued with a new, much less ridiculous, passport and has been allowed to keep the conehead alternative for shits and giggles.

Perhaps it will come in useful if she is ever planning to travel to Mars?

Julia Banim

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