Woman Shares Photo Of What She Looks Like 1000 Days Clean Of Heroin


This woman shared a snap of her before and after 1000 days clean of heroin and the difference between the two is jaw dropping.

It’s no secret heroin is bad for you on every level and the effect it can have on your health, appearance and your body is completely devastating.

The fact this unnamed Reddit user simply known as DisregardThisOrDont has kept off this hugely addictive drug for 1000 days, is truly impressive and her before and after photos show the true impact the substance abuse had on her.


She wrote:

I’m sharing different photos because my original ones came under a lot of scrutiny because I shared my mugshot (which was extremely unflattering) and a nice, well posed selfie. Which when shown side by side had quite the dramatic effect.

This time I wanted to share a ‘candid’ photo of me getting pizza with my mom while going through withdrawal, and a recent pic of my celebrating my anniversary with my significant other.

I feel as though these two photos show a more accurate representation of where I was and where I am.

Her first picture on the left of when she was going through withdrawal showed her looking strained and gaunt with dark sunken eyes and signs of stress etched into her face.


The recovered addict’s second image shows her in a much healthier, happier place, celebrating her anniversary with her partner.

She continued:

Okay, so I know I have shared my recovery story before. However, 1000 days is a bench mark for any recovering addict and I want to celebrate.

Now, it’s not been exactly 1000 days since I’ve last quit heroin, but actually a bit more.

Personally I feel as though my 36 days in jail and my time in rehab are ‘cheat days’. So I’m officially celebrating my 1000 days free from heroin on my own regard.


The former heroin user, described her story and battle with her ex-husband who was also a heroin addict and explained how taking control of the situation and seeking help was the only way to move forward.

She said:

I’ve been in the position as the family member who would do anything to get the loved one to stop. I stood by my ex-husband through years and rehab after rehab of trying to get him better.

It was only after I found myself in his shoes I realised the only way to get [help] is to ask. Sure, it’s not going to come in pretty wrapping paper with a bow in top, but it will come.

Addicts can only be helped if they are ready to be helped (no matter how help comes).

I sat in jail for a month, then was sent to the best rehab in my state two hours from home and then to a ‘pray your addiction away’ place in my hometown to a homeless shelter to have my true awakening.


She explained how difficult it can be if you’re in a situation where your partner or someone you love is in the grips of addiction and you’re looking on feeling helpless or worse, get pulled into a life of drug use yourself.

The former heroin addict went on to explain how sometimes tough love is required in a difficult situation and it may feel like you’re being cruel but sometimes you have to, to ultimately be kind.

She added:

I had to have a few hard slaps to the face to realise my happiness and my future was in my own hands. No one else’s.

Now I realise as the bystander to a loved ones downfall, it can and will be hard to watch.

But tough love is what it takes. At least in my situation that’s what it took. Just don’t blame yourself for your loved one’s disease.


Of course, it’s not easy to set yourself free from the web of drug addiction and the Reddit user explains how boredom and not finding fulfilment in your day-to-day life can have a huge impact on returning to substances.

She said:

The key is to not allow myself to be bored! Through much meditation I have learned to be content in what I am doing at that time and try my damnest to not think of other stuff.

But balancing a home, two kids, a job and my ‘hobby of the month’ keeps boredom at bay. However, the self help tool that has helped me the most is to ‘check myself before I wreck myself”.

Meaning before I react to something I have to HALT and ask myself am I any of the following: Hungry, angry, lonely, tired.

That check list seems to save me a lot of grief.


Throughout the Reddit thread, the recovered addict is keen to share her message of support, hope and recovery for those who may still be battling their demons.

She was keen to stipulate how important it is to seek help and explain ultimately, it’s the only way to get fully clean and free yourself from a harmful and destructive life.

She explained:

My message to those still going through it: never be afraid to ask for help. Getting help is fucking terrifying. But dying or living the rest of your life in jail is fucking terrifying too.

The help you get won’t always be exactly as you imagine. But in the end we want you better. We love you. We want to help. Ask us for help.


She has done incredibly well to make it through to 1000 days heroin free – and sharing her story is so important for encouraging others to seek help.

It just goes to how what a difference taking control of the situation and getting clean can make on a person’s health and happiness.

For help and advice regarding heroin use and addiction go to: Action On Addiction