Woman Shares Incredible Message From Stranger Who Saw Her Crying

by : Emily Brown on : 19 Jun 2020 12:09
Woman Shares Incredible Message From Stranger Who Saw Her Cryinglucewortho/Twitter

A woman has shared the incredible interaction she had with a stranger to remind us that even the smallest gestures can make someone’s day. 

There are a lot of awful things happening in the world right now, and when social media is full of doom and gloom it can be hard to find faith in humanity, but all it takes is one example of a lovely person to give us hope – and thankfully Twitter user Lubey-Lu has given us exactly that.


In a heart-warming post shared online, she explained she’d been having ‘one of them days’ – something we can all relate to, when it just feels like nothing’s going your way and you have the weight of your world on your shoulders.

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Lubey-Lu decided to take some time for herself by going for a walk and having a good cry, but while doing so she was spotted by a woman who was driving by in her car.

The stranger pulled over and came to sit with the upset woman, despite the fact neither of them had any clue who the other was.


The pair sat together for 20 minutes before deciding to go their separate ways, but the kind stranger, who appears to be named Pippa, insisted Lubey-Lu text her once she got home to make sure she made it back safely.

It would have been far too easy for the pair never to interact again – after all, they’d only known each other for 20 minutes – but by insisting she sent a message, Pippa was making sure Lubey-Lu knew she wasn’t alone, and that she had support if she needed it.

Sharing the experience on Twitter, Lubey-Lu said it ‘restored [her] faith in humanity’, stressing: ‘There is still some genuinely nice people out there.’


After letting Pippa know she’d made it home, the Twitter user received a response saying Pippa had ‘not stopped thinking about’ her and thanked her for getting in touch with her.

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Pippa urged her new friend to enjoy a bit of self-care, writing: ‘Enjoy your glass of red’, and stressed that she’d be available to talk if Lubey-Lu ever needed to ‘rant, moan, cry or even have some advice’.

She added:


Us girls have to stick together and look after each other… Strangers or not! Just stay strong.. You’ve got this.

The post received thousands of likes and shares, with Twitter users praising the kind-hearted nature of Pippa and saying the post had ‘made [their] day’.

It’s not unusual for us to ignore strangers, but we never know what other people are going through, and extending a helping hand – even with something as simple as a text message – can ultimately turn a bad day into a good one.


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