Woman Slams ‘Fake A** Family’ For Not Supporting Bizarre Baby Name Choice

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Naming your baby can be a minefield. With names like Tyrion, Khaleesi, and Brienne of Tarth all rising in popularity, it’s difficult to know whether what seemed like a good idea at the time will last the child’s lifetime.

Some people have unfortunate names thrust upon them through no fault of their own or their families (I would know), and some people have interesting names given to them because their parents thought… well, who knows what they were thinking.

It’s also usually customary to keep the baby’s name a secret until they arrive. That way there’s no chance of your family trying to change your mind if they’re not feeling your choice name. The baby arrives, it’s called ‘The Mountain’ or whatever, and that’s that.

One woman, however, decided to throw a baby shower for herself and her as-yet-unborn child, and had already revealed her intended name for the kid beforehand.

However, when her family found out about the name, questions were raised, feelings were made clear, and eventually the baby shower was cancelled because of the reaction.

And the name to cause such controversy? Squire Sebastian Senator.

Also, it should be noted that is just the first name.

I’ll let the mother explain, via her extensive Facebook post about the whole thing, which was shared on Reddit:

Dear Members of the Squire Sebastian Senator Babyshower,

I have a really important announcement to make. It brings me pain to have to tell you this, but I am cancelling the event. I will text you soon if you’re invited to my smaller, more inclusive party. At least there no one will judge me.

Why? Why am I doing this?

Because y’all have been talking sh*t about my unborn baby. AN UNBORN CHILD. How can you judge an unborn child?? What is wrong with you??

I feel I must interject here. As many people will have realised, this lady’s ‘judgmental’ family are not actually judging the child, but her choice of name. The unborn child did not name itself (I presume?), nor did it decide to throw itself a baby shower celebrating the name.

Anyway, she continues:

To say this frankly, my friends and family have treated me like total sh*t. They’ve spread rumours and lies about my child. No, I am not crazy. No, I am not mentally unstable. No, I was not drunk when I named my child.

His name is Squire Sebastian Senator.

That is that.

You cannot force me to change his name. This is the name I was meant to give him.

No, this is not his full name. ‘Squire Sebastian Senator’ is only his first name. This is how it will be. He will not be allowed to have a nickname, he is to be called by his full and complete name.

The mum-to-be then goes on to explain that she and her son ‘come from a long lasting family of both squires and senators’.

She also says: “My baby’s name WILL be a revolution’.

She signs off:

F*ck you all. Fake *ss family. You won’t get to be a part of my baby’s life and it’s all because you had to judge him.

I refer you to my earlier point about who they’re actually judging…

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