Woman Sneezes Out Cotton Ball Six Months After Nose Job

Woman sneezed out cotton ball 6 months after nose jobKnews

A woman is seeking compensation after claiming she sneezed out a cotton ball which had been left behind by surgeons when she had a nose job six months earlier.

The woman, whose surname is Zhu, underwent a rhinoplasty at a local plastic surgery clinic in the Jiangxi capital of Nanchang in October 2018.

She spent 26,000 yuan (£3,000) on the procedure, but wasn’t happy with the results. According to Knews, as reported by the Global Times, Zhu felt the operation was done poorly, and she’d felt discomfort in her nose ever since.

She later underwent reconstructive surgery at the same clinic, but the uncomfortable feeling didn’t go away.

However, the source of her discomfort became apparent when, last week, the patient sneezed and a cotton ball allegedly appeared out of her nose.

Zhu described the surprising find as being covered in blood and smelling awful.

Speaking to Knews, she said:

The cotton ball was covered with blood and was rotten and smelt bad. Then a lot of blood came out of my nose. I noted that it must have been left by one of the plastic surgeons from the clinic during the rhinoplasty.

While Zhu almost definitely didn’t shove the cotton ball up there herself, the clinic is refusing to take responsibility unless she can provide evidence.

In January, when Zhu had the reconstructive surgery, the clinic reportedly compensated her 10,000 yuan (£1,150), and the patient signed an agreement terminating the establishment’s responsibility for any further issues.

It seems the misplacement of the cotton ball would fall under the terms of the agreement, meaning the clinic wouldn’t have to take responsibility even if it was their fault. But the head of the clinic is confident the cotton ball couldn’t have been left in Zhu’s nose in the first place.

He explained:

A person would not be able to breathe if a piece of cotton wool was stuck in the nasal cavity. We need to figure out first whether the cotton ball was actually left by our surgeons during the surgery and hope Ms Zhu can provide evidence.

We will take full responsibility if the mistake was done by us.

The disgruntled woman is seeking 100,000 yuan ($11,500) in damages from the clinic but, as you’d expect in a legal battle, she’ll have to find some way to prove her story before the clinic will admit liability.

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