Woman Spends £40,000 To Get The ‘Biggest Boobs In Germany’


A woman in Germany, who dubs herself the ‘Real Barbie of Berlin’ has spent almost £40,000 on plastic surgery.

27-year-old Paris Herms recently underwent her third surgery to enhance her breast size, which has now reached 80L.

Herms described her breasts, weighing 2 kg each, as leaving her feeling ‘extremely happy’.

While many may be alarmed and critical, regarding the number of surgeries Paris has undergone to achieve her desired look, she says she couldn’t be happier.

Paris states:

It’s been a dream of mine for a long time to bring my breasts up to two kilograms.

When I woke up from the anaesthetic, I felt extremely happy.

I felt super happy and was totally satisfied that it’s behind me and I’ve finally achieved what I wanted.

While she admits it’s ‘very nice’ to have the biggest breasts in Germany she reveals it was never her intention to have such an accolade.

Paris admits:

I like big breasts because they represent femininity, which I find great. I would have done the same even if they weren’t the biggest.

I feel really happy with my body, just the way it is right now – the opposite of how I felt in the past.

According to The Sun, the Instagram star, who has over 209K followers was enamoured with Barbie dolls since she was a child. Paris reportedly began altering her physical appearance after she was bullied in school.

She explained:

I wasn’t originally very pretty and I used to be bullied a lot. I like to look like a doll because I would like to look faultless.

Addressing her critics, Paris said:

Other people’s opinions on my looks vary. Some find my appearance good, some don’t – which is of course understandable, because everybody has a different ideal when it comes to beauty.

In spite of that, I have a lot of support. From my grandma, for instance, though she isn’t happy with my appearance.

Her grandmother, Doris, who lives with her in the German capital – and has even paid for some of her grandchild’s surgeries explained:

I don’t agree with all the surgeries Paris has, but she expresses herself this way because she was bullied and now she wants to look different than she used to.

Paris goes on to say:

I’m really happy that my dream came true and everything is going the way it is for me right now.

I simply love to look completely artificial. My motto is ‘plastic is fantastic’.

As well as having a third breast enhancement Paris has undergone cosmetic surgery for her nose, as well as procedures and fillers to change the shape of her face.

While her life choices may not be to everyone’s taste, Paris is certainly living her dream.

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