Woman Spots Recently Deceased Dad In Unborn Baby’s Ultrasound

by : Emily Brown on : 21 Nov 2019 17:35
Woman Spots Recently Deceased Dad In Unborn Baby's Ultrasoundu/shantelmarie3989/Reddit

A woman was stunned to see the image of her recently deceased father appear in her ultrasound scan. 

The amazed mum, Shantel, took to Reddit to share the photo and compared it to a picture of her father taken when he was alive.


The beloved dad was able to spend years with his daughter’s first child, but sadly he passed away before he had chance to meet his new, soon-to-be-arriving grandchild.

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Shantel is pregnant with her second child after giving birth to her oldest daughter in 2009. She recently went to an ultrasound scan to check out how her little one was doing, however the mum got a shock when she spotted what appeared to be her father’s face in the scan.

The amazed mum compared the picture of the ultrasound with a photo of her dad taken in 2009, after the birth of Shantel’s first child.


The photograph, taken from the man’s right hand side, showed him gazing down at the newborn baby with a smile on his face.

Incredibly, the side-profile image appears to have been recreated in Shantel’s recent ultrasound scan.

Take a look here:

Woman spots deceased dad in ultrasound photou/shantelmarie3989/Reddit

Though it may just be a trick of the light, the black and white lines of the ultrasound appeared to form the grandfather’s nose, lips, chin and neck and the mum told Reddit she believed it was indeed her father in the picture.

The figure depicted in the scan even appeared to be kissing the unborn baby, who seemed to be looking back towards the human-like formation.

Reddit users have expressed their amazement at the sight, with one person saying the apparent appearance nearly brought them to tears.

Woman spots deceased dad in ultrasound scanSupplied

Another Redditor wrote:

That’s so beautiful. She literally is being kissed by her guardian angel.

One commenter even shared their own ghostly experience, writing:

My father died in May of 2017. Less than a month later, my wife went into labor [sic] at 25 weeks. As we were going to bed in the hospital… I saw my dad leaning against the sink, smiling at us.

I took that as a sign that he was watching over our son.

Woman spots deceased dad in ultrasound scanSupplied

A couple of Reddit users were so taken aback by the ultrasound they speculated it may have been edited, but Shantel responded to say the image was ‘100% not photoshopped’.


If you have experienced a bereavement and would like to speak with someone in confidence, contact Cruse Bereavement Care via their national helpline on 0808 808 1677.

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