Woman Sues City After Exploding Toilet Left Her Covered In Sh*t


A woman who ended up covered in piss and shit when her toilet exploded is suing her mayor and local council.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Angela Wright was using the toilet when it erupted in West Baltimore in November 2014 after it backed up and exploded ‘with great force and violence’.

Ms Wright is now suing her mayor and council, claiming she suffered ’emotional and physical anguish’ when the blast knocked her over and covered her in poop, which we have to admit is a pretty shitty situation.

The lawsuit alleges the city and mayor, as well as contractors Spiniello Companies Inc and Heitkamp Inc, are responsible for the accident.

Wright claims the blast led to ‘mental anguish’, and ‘loss of enjoyment of her usual pursuits and pastimes’, and she’s reportedly seeking $75,000 (£53,000) from each defendant for a total of $225,000 (£159,000).

While undeniably rare, it isn’t unheard of for toilets to explode every now and again. It usually happens because of a build-up of flammable gases like methane in the tank.

Only last year in September, a woman in southern Austria was left with burns to her arms, hands and head when her toilet exploded due to a build up of methane gas. The explosion happened when she flicked on the light in the farmhouse toilet and its electrical circuit ignited the gas.

Meanwhile in 2014, a woman in Barcelona’s Gothic quarter had to undergo skin grafts on both her legs following a toilet explosion. It had been caused by methane gas and a lack of ventilation and cleanliness in the cubicle.

It almost makes you afraid to sit on the crapper ever again, to be honest.