Woman Takes Seven Minutes To Reverse Car Out Of Parking Spot

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 25 Sep 2018 09:51
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Parking can be difficult at the best of times. Even in an empty car park there’s a pressure to get inside those annoying white lines.


Then again, without the white lines it’d be total pandemonium. Chaos and mayhem would rule every time you needed to pop to the shops for a pint of milk. The lines may seem like they’re trying to confine us, but really they’re just there to help.

But still, backing out of a tight space can be a pain. And if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in the perilous situation of squeezing your way out of such a space, well, my advice is take your time, don’t be afraid to readjust, and definitely don’t do what this lady did.

Check it out:


As the video shows, the poor car in the left hand space has already had its back door dented and its hub cap fall off, presumably by the driver in the right hand space who is desperately trying to manoeuvre her way out of the car park and escape.

You’d think the damage is done. And though on the surface it is, the worst is yet to come.

After trying to put the ruined hub cap back on the parked car, the driver goes for another attempt to back out of the space, only to wedge the nose of her own vehicle into the back door of the parked car once again.

Why she didn’t reverse in a straight line we’ll never know, it seems like there’s enough space to, but maybe there’s something off-camera that we’re not seeing. What we do know is that, after making the mistake for the first time, the mistake is unfortunately repeated again and again.

After trying to rub off the damage (though something tells me it’ll take more than spit to get that dent out), the driver finally frees herself from the torturous confines of the parking space, and drives away.

One person who was not trying to escape a parking space, but desperately try to hold one to one, was filmed in a car park in New York.

Instead of driving into it, however, a woman ran in to save the space for herself rather than let anyone else use it.


Footage filmed on another driver’s dashcam shows the young woman running over to the empty space just as the vehicle starts to drive into it.

Despite not being in a car, the anonymous woman then refuses to move, insisting her father had been waiting nearby for the spot in a white Jeep Compass.

As the video shows, though, the Jeep is nowhere to be seen:

With the woman declining to move, pointing to where the Jeep was supposedly waiting, the other driver begins honking their horn hoping she will eventually leave.

At this point the woman’s mother comes over to join her, standing by her side in the spot during the strange stand-off.

Fortunately, a kind motorist who was leaving the car park managed to diffuse the situation before things turned too ugly.

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