Woman Tries To Steal Eight Pairs Of Jeans By Wearing Them All At Once

by : Emily Brown on : 20 Nov 2019 17:39
Woman tries to steal eight pairs of jeans by wearing them allCEN

A woman adopted the tactics of Joey Tribbiani in an attempt to steal eight pairs of jeans by wearing them all at once. 

I’d be impressed she could still walk with all that stiff denim weighing her down, though Joey managed to do lunges while dressed in Chandler’s entire wardrobe so making a quick getaway in eight pairs of jeans wouldn’t have been completely impossible.


That is, if she hadn’t been caught.

Check out what happened here:


Footage shared on social media shows the woman, who has not been identified, standing in a bathroom as she stripped off pair after pair of jeans.


It’s believed she had been trying to steal the clothes before she was caught and ordered to take them off, though the person filming the video could be heard laughing, suggesting they weren’t taking the apparent crime too seriously.

It’s possible they went on to scold the woman for her shoplifting after she’d finished removing the stolen goods, though they obviously couldn’t help but show some appreciation for the woman’s creative methods. That’s understandable. The unusual sight definitely warrants some laughter.

Woman tries to steal eight pairs of jeans by wearing them allCEN

Reports suggest the woman is from Venezuela but the exact location where the incident took place is unclear, though the video has been shared widely in Peru.


The man behind the camera could be heard counting as the woman pulled down each pair of jeans and I have to say, the scene could pass for a good optical illusion or magic trick.

The woman had slim legs even with nine pairs of trousers on, so seeing each new pair appear is simply baffling. It’s difficult to comprehend how another pair could possibly fit under the ones she’s already wearing but she obviously made it work.

She started out wearing a red camisole and black jeans, before making her way through six pairs of blue denim jeans. She then mixed things up again by revealing another pair of black jeans, under which were her own blue denim jeans.

Woman tries to steal eight pairs of jeans by wearing them allCEN

The lack of variety was quite surprising, given all the trouble she’d gone through. Why steal six pairs of blue denim jeans if you already own some?

While the woman’s motives are definitely baffling her innovation has to be appreciated. Piling clothes on top of each other like she managed to do is a skill coveted by holidaymakers who are guilty of over-packing, though it certainly shouldn’t be used to break the law.

It’s unknown if the woman was arrested or reported for the theft, though hopefully the hassle of having to take all the jeans off again would have been enough to put her off shoplifting in future.

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