Woman Undergoing Third Surgery To Achieve ‘Perfect Barbie Vagina’

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Woman wants third operation to get barbie vaginastardelgiudice/Instagram/Caters

A woman who has already spent £200,000 on cosmetic procedures is planning to shell out even more in an attempt to achieve the ‘perfect Barbie vagina’. 

Star Delguidice, 32, spends £150 a month on facials and an astonishing £30,000 a year on lip fillers, cheek fillers and Botox, saying she’ll ‘stop at nothing’ until she feels perfect.


Despite already having two vaginoplasty surgeries, the plastic surgery addict is still not satisfied, and plans to undergo her third operation in December to ensure she has a more ‘youthful’ vagina in time for Christmas.

Woman plans to have third surgery to get perfect Barbie vaginaCaters News Agency

According to Star, the vaginoplasty involves ‘tucking up’ the vagina, ‘making it as small and tight as possible, while neatening it all from the outside.’ The procedure is usually aimed at women who have had children, but even though Star is not a mother she’s adamant the surgery is necessary for her.

She explained:


The Barbie vagina surgery will enable me to have the most perfect vagina, just like Barbie.

The 32-year-old will travel to Istanbul in Turkey to visit the DoctorB clinic for the procedure, as it’s the only medical centre in the world which performs this type of operation.

Woman who wants barbie vagina plans to get new bum implantsCaters News Agency

Star’s surgeon, Bulent Cihantimur MD, aka Doctor B, spoke in further detail about the operation, saying:


The Barbie Vagina involves reducing the length of the labia minora which is twisting and tugging of the labia.

I then transfer autologous fat to the labia majora in order to improve firmness and the contour of it, enhance the shape and to correct proportional imbalances.

Fat makes rejuvenation, brightness and also beautification. This technique turns her vagina into her teenager times.

Other surgeons offer labioplasty or vagina surgery but my difference is the technique I use, the way and the location of the transferring the fat into the body and the stage of preparation.

Woman plans to have third surgery to get barbie vaginaCaters News Agency

The vaginoplasty will set Star back £5,000, though she insists she loves the ‘plastic Barbie look’. Over the years, the 32-year-old has had breast implants, liposuction, four nose jobs, jaw and forehead contouring, two eyebrow lifts, nipple reduction, eyelash treatment, veneers and a surgical lip lift, among other procedures.

She expressed her excitement for the upcoming operation, saying:


Some people might think I’m mad but I love the plastic Barbie look.

I’m hopeful that the surgery will be the third and final operation on my vagina as Doctor B, Op. Bülent Cihantimu is world famous for his surgery and I’m so excited.

Woman who wants barbie vagina before having multiple surgeriesCaters News Agency

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The surgeon explained the ‘Barbie Vagina’ concept is one he came up with while seeking solutions to his patients’ complaints about their vaginas.

As well as having her vagina remodelled, Star is planning on having her bum implants changed as she’s not happy with the ones she’s had since 2017.

Woman who wants barbie vagina shows off bumCaters News Agency

The 32-year-old said she often gets stared at in the street as a result of her look, but she stands by her decision to have multiple surgeries.

She commented:

Due to the amount of surgery I’ve had I often get people staring at me in the street but I don’t care.

I’m proud of the amount of plastic surgery I have had and I’ll never stop as it’s part of who I am.

Hopefully Star’s upcoming operation will give her the vagina she desires.

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