Woman Uses Sneaky Trick To Find Out Who Clicks On Her Boyfriend’s Instagram

by : Emily Brown on : 23 Jun 2021 11:37
Woman Uses Sneaky Trick To Find Out Who Clicks On Her Boyfriend's Instagram@elenademetriou8/@ _lannny/TikTok

A TikTok user has given her followers a guide on the sneaky Instagram ‘prank’ she used to monitor who clicked on her boyfriend’s profile. 

Taking a look at people’s social media accounts can be risky business if you don’t want them to know you were there, especially considering you’re only ever one click of the ‘like’ button away from outing yourself, but if you’re careful it’s usually fairly easy to get away with a sneaky scroll.


With this in mind, TikToker Elena Demetriou came up with a way to find out who had been having a nosy on her boyfriend Mike’s Instagram account without having to try and seek out any accidental likes.

Check it out below:


Elena recorded her phone screen to show her followers how she uploaded a photo of herself and her boyfriend to her Instagram Story before making use of the feature that allows users to create a poll.


It goes without saying that polls are usually used to allow participants to choose between one thing or another, but rather than asking a question, Elena set her poll to include her boyfriend’s handle as one of the options.

TikToker makes poll including boyfriend's name (@elenademetriou8/TikTok)@elenademetriou8/TikTok

She then moved the poll to the corner of her screen, so the other option was out of sight, making it appear as if she had simply tagged her boyfriend in the post. While a regular tag doesn’t allow the poster to see who clicks it, a poll offers up a list of every account that selected each option – or in this case, every account that clicked on Mike’s profile.

Elena isn’t the only TikToker to have used the sneaky trick to monitor the people who showed interest in their partner, with TikToker Tristan Higgins posting a video admitting she did the same thing. Though she described herself as ‘evil’ in the post, she later assured her followers that she was ‘just nosy’.


See her video below:

Commenters have described the trick as ‘smart’, though it seems Tristan’s boyfriend didn’t quite have the same reaction, as he shared his own video on the matter in which he jokingly described his girlfriend as ‘psycho’.


Evidently, the like button isn’t the only thing to look out for when it comes to sneakily checking out people’s profiles. You’ve been warned.

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