Woman Violently Assaults Boyfriend After She Catches Him ‘Cheating’


Shocking footage has emerged of a woman physically abusing her boyfriend after allegedly catching him cheating.

The clip starts with a woman walking towards the bathroom with a group of her friends, when she seems to catch her boyfriend texting another woman.

She then launches a barrage of punches at the man, as her friends film the horrific attack on their phones.


The woman, who remains unidentified, then drags him by the hair out of the bath and continues slapping him while he cowers on the floor.

The abuse continues for the next couple of minutes, dragging him from room to room before throwing kicks, punches and slaps at the alleged cheater.


“You gonna remember dis muthafuckin’ ass-whoopin”, the woman shouts at her boyfriend, or almost certainly ex-boyfriend now.

Her friends continue to watch and laugh as he’s beaten to a pulp.


It remains unknown when and where the incident took place, but it was uploaded to YouTube two days ago, and so far has been viewed by thousands of people.

Commenters condemned the woman’s behaviour, saying she should be charged for the attack or even sent to jail.