Woman Walks Across America Topless To Make Breasts Normal

chelseacovingtonBreasts Are Healthy

It seems rather ludicrous that in the majority of countries in this world it’s completely fine for a guy to walk down the street with his shirt off, but for a woman to do so it’s ‘shocking’, often even illegal.

Although an uncontrollable and natural part of female development, a pair of bosoms can certainly cause their fair share of controversy.

One woman who is fighting against such madness is 27-year-old Chelsea Covington, a woman from the U.S. who has spent the last three years in protest to make women being being bare-chested more normal, reports The Independent.

And how has she been performing the peaceful protest? By heading out in public completely bare-chested, whether that be on the beach, in parks, or while out walking. Sometimes she even heads to pretty hectic tourist attractions.

oc-april-2016-blogBreasts Are Healthy

Posting on her blog, Breasts Are Healthy, Covington is challenging the criminalisation of women choosing not to wear shirts and bras in places where men are allowed to walk bare-chested as part of the fight for gender equality.

Back in 2014, another woman, Scout Willis, famously walked around the entirety of the U.S. wearing nothing on her top half at all in a protest against Instagram’s strict ban on female nipples being shown on the site, despite the male areola being totally fine.

Covington says her hopes are for fears of the female body to be diminished in order to reach the point where a woman appearing bare-chested in public isn’t seen as a troublemaking act.

chealseacovington (1)Breasts Are Healthy

When asked the by The Independent what her end goal was she said:

Equal treatment under the law. Everyone, everywhere.

You can’t argue with that.