Woman Weeps After ‘Evil’ Husband Puts Waxing Strip On Eyebrows As She Slept


Ask most women: eyebrows are a sacred thing which deserve nothing but the utmost respect and should be protected at all costs.

Honestly, try to get in the way of me and my eyebrows and you’ll be in for a serious reality check. Damaging/destroying eyebrows is – and I can’t stress this enough – definite grounds for divorce.

Which is why I can’t get over one man who recently thought it would be a great idea to put a waxing strip on his wife’s eyebrows while she slept, leaving her in hysterics once she woke up and realised what he had done.

You can take a look at what happened below:

YouTuber Niko Can shared a video of the incident with his followers, prompting them to call him ‘evil’ and questioning why he would do such a thing.

In the video, which at the time of writing has more than 13,000 views, Niko explains to his fans that he’s taking revenge on his wife Cristal after she waxed his legs while he slept.

As he prepares the wax strip, the YouTuber says:

It’s time to walk around with an eyebrowless wife, she actually might divorce me.

I’m not kidding, I would not blame her if she decided to divorce him for this. I can’t imagine the pure horror of realising that I had to wax my entire eyebrows off. It’s making me cringe just thinking about it.

Niko can then be seen creeping over to where Cristal is sleeping on the couch and gently places the wax strip over both her eyebrows, at which point she wakes up confused and asks what’s going on.

When her husband explains what he’s done, Cristal immediately starts crying and asks:

Are you stupid? Why would you do that?

The YouTuber reassured his wife that he would still love her eyebrowless and adds that no other man will try to get her attention if she has no eyebrows. Oh wow, what a charmer.

Obviously, Cristal doesn’t see the funny side and tells her husband he’s taken things too far this time. Which, he definitely has.

However, as Cristal slowly gets more hysterical her ‘hilarious’ husband reveals he actually used double sided tape to stick the strip on her eyebrows, so they won’t actually be waxed off.

The prankster then helps Cristal remove the strip from her brows, which remained 100 per cent intact. Thank God. Understandably, she needed some time to gather her emotions and storms off to recover.

Hopefully Niko will have realised the error of his ways and will have treated her like royalty for the rest of the day. She definitely deserved it.

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