Arizona Woman Who Bathed In Hot Cheeto Bath Confirms She Hasn’t Got Yeast Infection

by : Julia Banim on : 21 Feb 2020 18:02
Arizona Woman Who Bathed In Hot Cheeto Bath Confirms She Hasn't Got Yeast InfectionArizona Woman Who Bathed In Hot Cheeto Bath Confirms She Hasn't Got Yeast Infectionsp00kynugget/Twitter

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing bath at the end of a long, hard day, particularly when you’ve got a nice glass of white wine and plenty of bubbles.


However, unless you are a mega fan of the iconic savoury snack, you’ve probably never considered having a relaxing yet undoubtedly smelly dip in a tub full of soggy Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Hilariously, one woman from Chandler, Arizona decided to give it a go, with her Flamin’ Hot bathwater causing quite a splash on social media.

Taking to Twitter, Dakota shared a daft vid of her crossing her legs luxuriantly in a bright red bath of what I and other members of the UNILAD team initially thought was mincemeat.


Upon further research, we discovered Dakota was actually having a soak in $150-worth of Cheetos, which she purchased during a silly shopping trip with one of her mates.

Speaking with UNILAD, Dakota revealed:

Honestly, my friend Bryan is a content creator and he hit me up one day and was like ‘how funny would it be if we took a hot Cheeto bath’ and so then I was like ‘f*ck it’.

And we definitely got a lot of looks from people because it filled more than one cart and we cleared the store out. They just laughed and seemed very concerned!

Cheeto BathCheeto Bathsp00kynugget/Twitter

However, Dakota could not have anticipated how much interest her savoury alternative to a Lush bath bomb would generate, with her post having more than 94,000 likes at the time of writing.

Although her aim was to just have a laugh, Dakota awoke to find she was a little bit Twitter famous, with views of her three-second vid having skyrocketed overnight.

Dakota told UNILAD:

To be honest I wasn’t expecting this at all. A lot of people have accused me for doing this just for ‘Twitter fame’, however that was never the case.

The Cheeto tub was initially for my friend’s YouTube video and I had just taken the three-second video totally as a quick little joke, expecting little to none of my 300 followers to care. I went to bed with 200 views when I posted it and woke up to over 300,000, and it just kept growing.

The reaction has been mostly jokes and negative comments, however although a lot of people have stuff to say, many have reached out and have been very kind in my messages. I don’t take any of this too seriously, it’s all in fun and never that deep.

Cheeto BathCheeto Bathsp00kynugget/Twitter

After the clip went viral, Dakota was inundated with questions from aghast followers, many of whom were concerned that she could have ended up with a yeast infection after basking in the cheesy water. Fortunately, this was not the case.

Dakota explained:

I was totally fine after the video! I was in there for literally no time, and wore layers to protect myself from potentially having irritation!

Most of the comments have been like ‘Omg she must be burning!!’, ‘YEAST’, etc. but I was perfectly fine and had no issues at all with my skin and body. I hopped straight into the shower to clean off after the video.

And, although this was not her intention, Dakota’s little slice of viral fame has helped her with out with paying towards her future boob job, with plenty of new fans happy to help out.

Dakota said:

Lots of people think I tried to get viral so I could get a boob job, but the truth is I never intended to get viral in the first place.

However, I saw an opportunity to where I’m reaching out to a lot of people and took it. I’ve had many kind people donate to the cause and bring me closer to getting it done!

Absolutely fair play to Dakota on creating this funny – and yeast-free – piece of content. But ladies, please do consider your hoo-has before following in her soggy footsteps…

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