Woman Who Gorged On Pasta Everyday Shows Off Incredible Weight Loss


A woman who devoured pasta every single day her whole life has quit her addiction and the results are incredible.

20-year-old Ashley Holliday from Port Orange, Florida, loved the carb so much she even ate spaghetti for breakfast.

Her weight ballooned when she became pregnant with her daughter aged 17, gaining 70lbs bumping her up to a whopping 272lbs.

What’s worse, she was ordered to take best rest for the last three months of her pregnancy after she developed pre-eclampsia, a severe condition which is three times more likely to occur in overweight women.


She said of her childhood:

My family have always been food-obsessed and big lovers of Italian. For dinner I would almost always have a big bowl of pasta, using ready-made jars of pasta alfredo or my favourite spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread.

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After giving birth to Adelinn, Ashley recalled:

I remember stepping onto the scale and 272lbs coming up. I was shocked at how big I was and disappointed in how much I had let my weight get out of control.


Determined to turn her life around, she began cutting back on the fatty foods and took up juice cleanses, but ‘nothing seemed to work’.

In September of last year, Ashley read up on type two diabetes to discover she was suffering from some of the basic but major symptoms.

She said:

I was always thirsty, and I was always tired. I would get dizzy spells every single day.

I was too afraid to go to the doctor to confirm it, I just wanted to see if I made some life changes would my situation change.


Desperate to shed weight, Ashley began a ketogenic diet, one month after her epiphany, which consists of high-fat but low-carb foods.

Within five months of swapping pasta with steak and vegetables, eggs and avocado, she had lost 100lbs. Soon enough, the symptoms disappeared.

Today, she’s as confident as they come, revealing:

I haven’t known what it feels like to have confidence since I was in the first grade.

I never wanted anyone to see my body. I would hide it behind giant sweatpants and unflattering clothes. I finally feel comfortable in myself now.


She added:

I really thought after reading that article that I was on the verge of diabetes, which scared me to my core.

Once I started losing weight those symptoms started disappearing, thank God.

I will eventually get myself checked out but right now I’m feeling fantastic.

I want to be around for my daughter for many years to come and I know that finally dealing with my weight was the step I really needed to take for my family.

What an incredible turn around!

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