Woman Who Gouged Her Own Eyes Out On Meth Pictured For First Time

by : UNILAD on : 11 Mar 2018 19:04
Katy Tompkins/Facebook

The woman who gouged her own eyes out while high on crystal meth has spoken out about how her life has changed.

20-year-old Kaylee Muthart used her hands to commit the act of self-mutilation in a South Carolina church believing it was a necessary sacrifice to God.


Muthart was left blind by the meth-fuelled trip and is now drug free, travelling the world without sight. She calls life ‘more beautiful now’.

The woman of God was due to attend rehab for meth abuse just days before she ripped her eyes out on February 6 in Anderson, South Carolina.

Katy Tompkins/Facebook

She was discovered harming herself outside the church. After many attempts to stop her, a team of deputies held her down. But it was too late, People reports.


She was taken to the trauma unit at Greenville Memorial Hospital.

Mum Katy Tompkins said:

That was a struggle. I can’t even explain that feeling when I found out. It was horrifying. Complete terror. It’s a horrible thing, but I’m still thankful because God spared her life.

Katy Tompkins/Facebook

Kaylee added:

I thought everyone who had died was stuck in their graves, that God was up in Heaven alone, and that I had to sacrifice something important to be able to release everyone in the world to God.

It made the world darker, and took everything I believed in and distorted them to make me go down the path to pulling out my eyes.

It was scary, I didn’t understand what God wanted of me, but it made me feel a sense of righteousness that I had to be the one to do it. And I was glad to do it because I’ve always had a big heart and nobody’s ever giving me that love back.

Katy Tompkins/Facebook

She continued:


I proceeded to pull out my eyes with my bare hands and twisted them, and pulled them, and popped them. I told the pastor who showed up, “Pray for me, I want to see the light, pray for me.”

It’s the same life, but I’m just learning everything in a new way. Life’s more beautiful now, life’s more beautiful than it was being on drugs. It is a horrible world to live in.

I’ll forget I’m blind sometimes because I know what’s around me. Not down to a tee, but I know what my mom’s house looks like.

You still see, but you don’t see with your eyes, it’s hard to explain because I don’t even understand it myself.

Well, let’s just be thankful Kaylee has lived to tell her tale.

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