Woman Who Married Ghost Pirate Gets Divorce Because He ‘Was Using Her’

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Woman Who Married Ghost Pirate Gets Divorce Because He 'Was Using Her'Triangle News/ITV

A woman who married a 300-year-old ghost pirate divorced him because he was ‘using’ her as an energy source, she has claimed.

Amanda Teague, 46, from Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, says she posthumously married her ghost lover ‘Jack’ on international waters in 2016 so the marriage could be considered legal.


Speaking to presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on This Morning earlier today (July 22), the 46-year-old said she ultimately had to exorcise Jack late last year after he ‘tried to kill her’.

Amanda told Eamonn and Ruth she got into spirituality in 2010 after her son died, five years after which Jack reached out to her and ‘presented himself’.

After a few months, the couple began getting closer until eventually they got married. However, a couple of months after the wedding Amanda started noticing her health declining.


She told the presenters:

This went on for almost two years. My health just kept getting worse and worse and worse, to the point where I ended up with sepsis last year, in June, and I almost died. I had to have an emergency surgery.

Woman divorces ghost pirateITV

The 46-year-old said she knew all about spirit attachment and possession and was convinced her ‘husband’ was using her for her spirit.


Explaining what had happened, Amanda said:

Jack was basically an energy vampire. When we die it’s normal to stay in the Earth-bound realm for a period but when spirits stay around too long, they need an energy source. And unfortunately Jack was using me as an energy source.

He had never accepted his own death, so he wanted to continue living through my body.

Amanda said there were a lot of ‘red flags’ towards the end of their relationship, including her rapidly declining health, and so shortly after her life-saving operation she realised she had to ‘divorce’ her ghost husband. She exorcised him in December last year.

Woman divorces ghost pirateITV

The 46-year-old said that although she regrets her marriage in some ways, in others she does not because it’s taught her a great deal and given her opportunities she otherwise wouldn’t have had. ‘I do believe that everything happens to us for a reason,’ she added.

Amanda says she has now ‘completely quit’ all forms of mediumship since the incident because she’s discovered there’s another side to it which ‘isn’t all light’.

She says she’s ‘really proud’ of what she did and the fact she’s managed to get her life back together since leaving Jack.

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This Morning/YouTube
  1. This Morning/YouTube

    Woman Divorced Her Ghost Husband After He Tried to Kill Her | This Morning

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