Woman Who Spent £60k To Look Like Barbie Begins Cloning Journey For Army Of Barbies

by : Cameron Frew on : 05 Aug 2021 11:57
Woman Who Spent £60k To Look Like Barbie Begins Cloning Journey For Army Of BarbiesJam Press

A Los Angeles mum who’s spent £60,000 on looking like a ‘human Barbie’ has a new goal: making an army of clones. 

Marcela Iglesias, a 43-year-old reality TV star, has splashed a total of $81,000 on cosmetic procedures over the years. However, she denies having any plastic surgery, opting for a number of ‘cutting-edge treatments’ like a spider web butt lift, involving the injection of 100 collagen threads into her backside.


While maintaining her appearance with $1,000 every year on Botox, stem cell therapy and lip and cheek filler, she has a plan to preserve her look for the ages: human cloning.

Marcela Iglesias wants an 'army of clones.' (Jam Press)Jam Press

The mum-of-one claims scientists are looking at methods to make an ‘army of clones’, and by doing so, she could potentially even save lives by donating organs from the clones.

‘I want to be cloned and then see if we can use those organs for donation or for myself in the future. An army of clones to use for a good cause would be great. There are far more patients requiring organ transplants than organ donations. By donating my stem cells and some of my eggs, they can be used to create human organs in order to help people that need the transplant,’ she said.


Iglesias was inspired by Professor Nakauchi from the University of Tokyo, who’s been conducting research into growing organs based on a patient’s stem cells. She thinks cloning is already taking place, but the data hasn’t been revealed to the public yet.

Marcela Iglesias has spent £60,000 on cosmetic procedures. (Jam Press)Jam Press

Ever since the passing of her father, who needed a kidney transplant, she’s had 30 million stem cells transplanted into her bloodstream from an umbilical cord. ‘If I had a kidney for my father, he would be alive today and the fact that I have 30 million more stem cells that were injected into my body means that I can help with that research,’ she said.

‘I started the research of stem cell therapy because of my father’s diseases and I have learned a lot about it. Unfortunately, my dad passed and he didn’t want to go through the treatment, so I took the advantage of all the information and I decided that it was time for me to do it,’ Iglesias added.


Professor Nakauchi explained how the path towards growing organs is based on a patient’s stem cells, which are injected into an animal’s embryo and then implanted into a host animal. These organs are then transplanted back into the patient when fully grown.

Marcela Iglesias has spent £60,000 on cosmetic procedures. (Jam Press)Jam Press

‘While this long-term target is still very difficult and far in the future, Professor Nakauchi and his teams at Tokyo University and Stanford University have solved several of the intermediary steps, bringing this final target closer. Also, I believe that animals are being used right now because it is the first phase of the experiment but in the future animals are not going to be needed,’ Iglesias said.

‘In fact, I don’t like the idea of using animals to create the organs. I have three pigs and I love them very much. According to scientists, human cloning is not possible yet or at least they don’t want to tell the public. But I believe there are clones out and about, but it’s very unlikely that they are going to release that information.


‘There’s a very new series on Netflix called Sweet Tooth that is about human hybrids so they’re already preparing the ‘audience’ – us – for what’s coming, with what is called pre-empting programming,’ she added.

Iglesias says she doesn’t mind if her clones look like her, but would rather their minds weren’t ‘awake’.

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