Woman Who Vandalised ‘Cheating’ Ex’s $400,000 Car Won’t Be Charged

by : Emily Brown on : 19 Aug 2018 17:14
Woman vandalises ex's carWoman vandalises ex's carAaron Schintler/Facebook

A woman who spray-painted and smashed up her ex boyfriend’s $400,000 car will not be charged for the vandalism. 


An unnamed woman from Adelaide, who’s believed to be in her 20s, took her anger out on her ex boyfriend’s car after the pair broke up, spray-painting the words ‘cheater’, ‘man wh*re’, and ‘sl*t’ on his Mercedes, before smashing it with a baseball bat.

New images have emerged of the wreck, which is believed to have happened last Friday (August 10), showing the woman approaching the silver 2018 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe with her bat at the ready.

A witness to the events described what had happened to Daily Mail Australia, admitting how, at first, they believed it was a practical joke.


The witness said:

I arrived at the apartment just near where it happened and I was calling the person who I was meant to meet to see where they were.

All of a sudden this woman pulls up and walks over to the car. It looked like she was spray painting on the side but I thought it was just a prank.

Then she comes around the side near me and wrote ‘cheater’. That’s when I realised it wasn’t a prank.

She walked back to her car and I thought it was all over, but then she pulled out the baseball bat and whacked the mirror… it was just crazy!

The woman was said to have looked ‘calm’ as she attacked the car.

The car owner’s friend also spoke to Daily Mail Australia about the incident, explaining the woman’s decision to paint the car with expletives was made after her ex boyfriend told her he was having a baby with another woman.

The ex boyfriend returned to his damaged car, but was too embarrassed to drive it anywhere, instead calling a tow truck to take it away.

In a sudden change of heart, the woman who vandalised his car then offered the ‘cheater’ a lift home.


The friend said:

She dropped him home after with the (Mercedes) G Wagon he owns too.

If what the woman painted on her ex’s car had any truth behind it, I think she was actually pretty heroic for offering him a lift home.

Smashing up a Mercedes must be a good way to alleviate anger. (But I don’t recommend trying it for yourself).

People have been sharing their comments on the images, expressing their amusement at the unfortunate situation.

One person wrote:

Oh that’ll be fine! It’ll totally buff out… not lol

Another added:

I want to see photos of the guys face when he comes outside to find it

Despite the images of the woman holding the bat, South Australia police have confirmed the ex boyfriend is not pressing charges.

Woman vandalises ex's carWoman vandalises ex's carAaron Schintler/Facebook

A spokesperson for the police explained:

A report has been filed but the victim has stressed that he does not want to pursue any further action.

It sounds like the man felt he got what was coming to him?

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