Woman Who Was Blind From Birth Reveals Shocking Discoveries After She Got Her Sight

by : Cameron Frew on : 03 Oct 2021 13:30
Woman Who Was Blind From Birth Reveals Shocking Discoveries After She Got Her Sight@onidurant/TikTok

A woman was blind for most of her life, but now, being able to see for the first time, she’s revealed what surprised her the most.

Olivia Durant, from Pittsburgh and based in Los Angeles, was legally blind from birth. ‘Blindness is a spectrum. Every blind person is not the same. I was so near-sighted I could not identify people, walk outside by myself, or watch TV,’ her website explains.


At the age of 34, an operation helped her get her eyesight back. After so many years barely being able to see anything, it was quite the shock to witness the world in full clarity.


Durant, an experienced public speaker, regularly posts videos to her TikTok (@onidurant) and Instagram (@onidurant) accounts, where she breaks down her condition and answers followers’ questions.

One user recently asked, ‘What are things that surprised you the way they looked? How did you perceive them before?’


She replied, ‘The size and scope of things. Things where there’s a lot of information, like a concert, bar or a busy restaurant, that really threw me off a lot, because your brain can’t really take in all that information at once. Imagine going from an 8-bit Nintendo to a PS4 overnight. It’s gonna take your brain a bit of time to adjust to that. It’s almost like getting psychic powers.’


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In another video, she responded to a comment which asked, ‘What was the thing that shocked you the most when you first saw it?’

Durant said, ‘I have to actually say, I did. I had no idea what I looked like so I would go into stores with those mirrors on the wall and I saw myself and I actually said hello to myself because I thought I was a different person.


‘I had a complete identify crisis because it’s a little weird when you can’t recognise yourself… it’s kind of a little disturbing. Everything you knew about yourself is wrong [laughs].’

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