Woman Who Was Clinically Dead For 7 Minutes Says She Could See And Feel ‘Everything In The Cosmos’

by : Emily Brown on : 24 Mar 2021 16:29
Woman Who Was Clinically Dead For 7 Minutes Says She Could See And Feel 'Everything In The Cosmos'@kassihogann/TikTok

A TikToker who was clinically dead for seven minutes recalled her experience of being able to see and feel everything in the cosmos. 

The TikTok user, who goes by the handle @kassihogann, made her video in response to another TikToker who said she herself came back from the dead and is often asked about what happened during that time.


Kassi described the video as a TikTok she could ‘relate’ to, and went on to explain what happened when she was declared clinically dead after making a ‘stupid decision’ at the age of 18.

Check out her video below:

@kassihogannFinally a tiktok I can relate too! If y’all wanna know more let me know!! ##fyp♬ original sound – Kassihogann


The TikToker didn’t go into detail about what led to her ‘death’, but explained that she ‘died three times’, and that as she stopped living she saw something that ‘not many people [she’s] heard see’.

Kassi described the experience as feeling as though she was being ‘sucked into a tunnel’, after which she ‘ended up in the stars’.

The concept of being in space is not one many people can wrap their heads around, let alone experience for themselves, but Kassi appeared to be right in the middle of things as she recalled being able to see ‘the galaxy, the cosmos, everything’.

She said that her eyes were closed, and that while she couldn’t move she was ‘very comfortable and warm’.


The TikToker continued: ‘While my eyes were closed I could see anything and everything. I could feel everything.’ In a later video, she added that she could ‘feel [her] loved ones that have passed on’, but that she couldn’t ‘see them or talk to them’.

Kassi explained: ‘You had the comfort of knowing your loved ones were with you even though they weren’t astronomically or physically next to you… like you just automatically know.’


The TikToker admitted that the feeling was ‘very hard to explain’, but stressed that she’d done the best she could.

In response to the video, another TikTok user pointed out that the brain can only go without oxygen for a matter of minutes without causing brain damage, and questioned what impacts Kassi’s seven minutes of ‘death’ had on her.


Kassi said she had suffered short-term brain damage, explaining: ‘I could literally have a conversation with somebody and then 20 minutes later not remember the conversation or even talking to them. It does affect my every day life, I do have to keep a little notebook just to remember certain things that are very important.’

She continued:

After I woke up they got a CAT scan of my brain and there was like tiny little parts that were blacked out. They told me that they might regenerate themselves but it’s not likely.

Kassi’s intriguing experience has been watched millions of times on the platform, prompting thousand of people to comment and express their interest in her tale.

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