Woman Who’s Lost Her Parents To QAnon Says They’re ‘Unrecognisable’

by : Hannah Smith on : 15 Feb 2021 18:28
Woman Who's Lost Her Parents To QAnon Says They're 'Unrecognisable'CNN/PA Images

A woman whose parents have become devout QAnon followers says they now consider her an ‘enemy,’ and are ‘unrecognisable’ from the people who raised her.

Lily*, 20, is one of thousands of people to have lost loved ones to the conspiracy theory in recent months, as the movement gained a wider following among Trump supporters during the 2020 presidential election.


Speaking to CNN, Lily gave a shocking insight into the lengths to which QAnon followers have gone in support of the movement, and the impact their actions have had on their family and friends.

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Over the past year, Lily says her parents took drastic actions to prepare for a reckoning known as ‘The Storm,’ which QAnon followers believed would see Democrats and other elites rounded up for supposedly operating a secret ‘child-eating’ cabal. As well as selling their house to move to a more rural area, Lily says her parents withdrew all their money to hide in cash under their mattress, bought $7,000 of packaged food and begged their daughter to travel home in the days leading up to the inauguration because they genuinely feared the country was set to descend into violence.

And while Lily hoped that President Biden’s inauguration would make her parents realise that the QAnon predictions were all a lie, she says it’s done the opposite, and ‘only pushed them further and further’ in. ‘[My parents] are, on the outside, definitions of great people. But it’s this switch that flips in them when they’re talking about what the latest Q drop means,’ she said. ‘They’re unrecognisable as the people that I grew up with.’

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It’s not clear how many people are involved with QAnon, but sadly Lily’s situation seems to be becoming increasingly common. A Reddit forum called r/QAnonCasualties, which provides ’emotional support, resources, and a place to vent’ for people who ‘have a friend or loved one who’s been taken in by the QAnon conspiracy fantasy,’ has a massive 131,000 members and is growing by the day, giving just a small glimpse into the impact of the movement.

In the space of a few months, Lily says her relationship with her parents has completely broken down, and that she’s gone from being their ‘dream daughter’ to ‘an enemy, a disappointment, a brainwashed student.’ And with QAnon followers refusing to give up even after the inauguration, she’s not sure if she’ll ever get her old parents back.

*name changed to protect identity


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    'They're unrecognizable': One woman reflects on losing her parents to QAnon