Woman With 6ft Wide Bum Says She’s Getting Another Bum Lift To Make It World’s Biggest


A Swedish woman who has a 6ft wide bum is undergoing another surgery to try and achieve the world’s biggest backside. 

24-year-old Natasha Crown has previously purposefully gained four stone with the hope of redistributing the fat in a ‘Brazilian butt lift’ procedure – of which she has already had three.

Despite having a bum which is wider than a lot of people are tall, the glamour model is determined to keep her big asset growing until it reaches a record breaking 90-inches in circumference.

Natasha plans to have a fourth surgery, before which she is aiming to gain another three stone. To achieve her goal, Natasha gorges on an abundance of pizza and pasta, as well as an astounding six kilos of Nutella each month.

She has explained she gains the weight just before going for surgery, piling on around 3 stone in just 2 months.

Natasha appeared on This Morning today (August 5) to tell the story of her bum-plumping, and gave Holly and Phil, who are renowned for not being able to hold back their laughter, a challenge to keep straight faces when she started twerking in the studio.

Natasha explained to the presenters that she started growing her bum in a more natural way, with exercise. Once it reached its gluteus maximum, however, she turned to surgery to keep it getting bigger.

Holly and Phil asked the 24-year-old why she wanted to go through the ordeal of eating such an extreme diet and having the surgeries.

She simply replied:

Because I have a goal to have the worlds biggest bum. At the beginning it wasn’t like that it was just to have a bigger one.

Phil went on to tell Natasha that last week a British woman, named Leah Cambridge, died having the same surgery that Natasha has previously had, and is planning to have again.

The This Morning host went on to explain that the bum lift has the ‘highest death rate of all procedures, due to the risk of injecting fat into the large veins in the buttocks, it can travel to the heart or brain and cause severe illness or death’.

Natasha was shocked to hear the fact, after having previously explained that she believed the procedure was safe as it used her own fat.

Despite learning about the risks, Natasha said ‘it’s my own choice’, and confirmed that she still hoped to reach her goal of a 90-inch bum.

The model went on to talk about how her huge behind affects her life. She explained how she cannot run any more, how she can no longer sleep on her back, and how she had to have two plane seats booked in order to fly to London to appear on This Morning. 

She added how her choice of looks affects her family, saying:

They are really concerned about me doing all this surgery and gaining so much. They think I am going to die because I am gaining so much, they think that is not healthy.

Despite admitting her bum has earned her some ‘haters’ on social media, she explained that she makes money from the way she looks, and has a website where her fans can find her.

Each to their own, I suppose.

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