Woman With 6ft Wide Bum Wants More Surgery To Make It World’s Biggest

by : UNILAD on : 14 Dec 2018 19:39
Natasha CrownNatasha CrownE!

This plus-sized model has THREE Brazilian butt lifts in order to get the “world’s biggest” arse.


25-year-old Natasha Crown gained 3st 2lb prior to her second surgery by inhaling pizza after pizza and six kilos of Nutella a month so she’d have more body fat to inject into her six and a half foot rear.

‘I think bigger is better. I will never ever be slim again. My bum is like a different dimension,’ she said.

‘I have broken chairs with my butt, I have broken beds, I have broken people. I have always been different and in Sweden women think slimmer is more beautiful. But I think people need to see this is how real women should look.’


She added:

After my first surgery, I was so happy. Six months later I told him he did a great job but I wanted to have more and he was like ‘OK’.

We planned the second surgery. I knew the more fat I had, the bigger I was going to be. So I decided to gain a lot of weight.

I love to eat, I gained 20kgs (3st 2lbs) and then I did the second surgery.

Natasha Crown!Natasha Crown!E!

Natasha, who moved from Serbia to Sweden at the age of 10 continued:

Over the last four years I have had three Brazilian butt lifts, one breast augmentation and then I’ve done some fillers in my chin, lips and my cheekbones.

That’s not surgery, it just completed my look. People came to me and said ‘are you a plus size model?’ So I thought ‘OK I’ll do that’.

Right now I work out three to four times-a-week. Everyone wants to be size 0 and I’m size 50.

Natasha Crown!Natasha Crown!E!

Natasha has had a third butt lift, as well as a boob job and fillers in her chin. She boasts 318,000 followers on Instagram.

‘I’m having a consultation to see if they can fix my breasts because they’re really saggy now. I want to lift them up and make them bigger,’ She added.


‘My goal is to have the world’s biggest bum and nothing is going to stop me.’

Keep doing you, Natasha. As long as you’re not harming, make it so!

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