Woman With Adult Acne Says Adopting Skin-Positive Mindset Changed Her Life

by : Lucy Connolly on : 06 Apr 2020 12:09
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A woman with adult acne who tried to improve her skin by adapting a vegan lifestyle has said nothing was more effective than changing her mindset.

Lea Alexandra, 26, used to feel so insecure about her skin she wouldn’t even go downstairs in her own home without wearing foundation, saying she felt ‘ashamed’ if anybody saw her acne.


The 26-year-old, from Stuttgart in Germany, has now transformed her life by joining the skin-positivity movement, banishing past worries and not allowing her acne to control her life.

woman with adult acne adopts skin positive mindsetJam Press

Lea hasn’t always struggled with her skin, with the acne only developing in 2017 when she stopped taking the contraceptive pill. Having taken birth control since she was 16, she made the decision to come off it in November 2016 because she was suffering with ‘depressive side effects’.

Within just a few months, her ‘entire cheeks were covered in red acne’, with Lea saying: ‘I never really had super clear skin before, I would get the occasional chin or jawline hormonal breakout, but this was nothing compared to what happened in that spring.’


At first, Lea claimed the acne completely dictated everything she did and left her feeling like a ‘monster’; she would cancel plans, put on a full face of make-up just to go to the gym, and would wear foundation to eat breakfast with her parents. ‘I wouldn’t even answer the door without make-up,’ she said.

Lea explained:

I felt like I was a monster – disgusting, even – and like I was less than everyone else because of my skin.

woman with adult acne adopts skin positive mindsetJam Press

Even at her lowest, Lea refused to see a dermatologist or spend money on skincare treatments as she believed they ‘wouldn’t help’, so she instead tried to go on a vegan diet. But when even ditching dairy didn’t help improve her skin, she decided she had to make changes to her mindset instead.

She said:

I was at a lake house in August 2018 with some of my family and friends and I went to apply make-up to go into town, but suddenly I stopped.

I stood in front of the mirror and thought ‘why would I put make-up on for this? it’s ridiculous’, so I put down the make-up and went without it.

I don’t know what was different about that day, but that was the start of it all: I was done hiding away and letting something hold me back.

woman with adult acne changes mindset Jam Press

Shortly after, Lea set up her skin-positive Instagram account, a page which she says allows her to speak openly about the mental health aspect of suffering with acne.

She is now proud to ‘share her truth’ online, posting bare-faced selfies regularly and ‘opening a conversation’ with her nearly 12,000 followers. ‘When you’re being authentic, there’s nothing to be nervous about,’ she explained.

Now, Lea helps others with skin troubles with her £179 skin masterclass, which she claims helps women regain control of their self-confidence while suffering with acne. She added: ‘I know what it’s like to have your life and mood dictated by your skin, so I help my clients be free of that.’

Lea continued:


The constant stress you are putting yourself under through worry and obsession won’t allow your mind and body to heal, which is what you need if you want to feel better about your skin.

woman with adult acne adopts skin positive mindsetJam Press

The 26-year-old says she does absolutely nothing to her skin these days, other than think positively about it. ‘I’m not on a crazy diet, I don’t use special products, and I never go to a dermatologist,’ she said.

And although she says the skin-positive community is ‘incredible’ and supportive, she does still get ‘plenty of trolls’. To those people though, she says she just sends them some kind words, ‘leaving them speechless’.

She says she’s learned to love her skin ‘in all its states’ and feels great with and without make-up – ‘finally!’.

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