Woman Won’t Leave House After ‘Botched’ Nose Job


A woman is too embarrassed to leave her house after a £5,000 nose job went wrong.

Jolene Dawson, a transgender woman from the Gold Coast in Australia, has had a few procedures to change her appearance over the years, including lip injections, bum implants and Botox.

Last month, the 23-year-old underwent a nose job in Thailand with an experienced surgeon, but according to The Mirror unfortunately the doctor ‘wasn’t as familiar with the procedure as [Jolene] hoped’.

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The vlogger spoke about her experience in a YouTube video, admitting she’d had work done on her nose in the past but she’d never been happy with the tip of her nose.

She spent thousands on the recent surgery, but during the operation a cartilage supporting the tip of her nose collapsed, leaving Jolene struggling to breathe.

Speaking to The Mirror, the Aussie explained:

I can’t breathe out of my left nostril and continuously taste blood. I will never have plastic surgery ever again.

Since the surgery I’ve not been able to breathe properly or sleep laying down, my speech is impaired and I can always taste blood. I was so embarrassed because you never believe it something like this will happen to you.

The musician hadn’t wanted anyone to know she’d had more surgery, but that hope was lost when the cartilage collapsed. Jolene considered taking action against the surgeon, but decided the incident wasn’t down to poor surgical skills.

She added:

I didn’t plan on anyone knowing I had more work done. But I don’t plan on taking legal action as I believe it was an anomaly in this doctor’s work.

It is not indicative of his other work.

The unfortunate result has led Jolene to make people aware of how procedures can go wrong, saying:

I’m embarrassed to leave the house. I want to warn people about the dangers of plastic surgery.

In her YouTube video, the vlogger went on to say:

I’m hoping that [my nose] can be changed. That I can not have this situation going on by the next time I start recording and uploading [videos].

I’ve been talking to a few people and I think it’s possible. Whether that means taking a slight break.

She added:

I’m hoping that this is just a blip.

The Mirror report the 23-year-old has made an appointment with a doctor with a view to correcting the blunder, so hopefully Jolene won’t suffer with the resulting issues for much longer.

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