Woman’s Engagement Photo Goes Viral After She Uses Cousin’s Hand In Pictures

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When prepping your proposal there are a million things to consider if you’re the one proposing. On the other hand, if you’re the one being proposed to, then chances are you’re going to be caught off guard.

This is the spot one Melbourne woman found herself in recently after her beau did the getting down on one knee thing, but she wasn’t ready for the photo moment, which in the world of social media, is what we know it’s really all about.

Luckily, her cousin was on hand to provide a hand to make sure the magic moment was caught with suitably manicured nails for the announcement pics. And now the pic has gone viral. Which is all anyone really wants in our deepest heart of hearts.

proposal photo@goodgaljenjen/Twitter/UNILAD

Just kidding. That of course is my pasty, poorly circulated hand, and no one should ever have such a thing held against their face.

No, what happened really was Twitter user @goodgirljenjen – or Jenna as she goes by offline – jumped in and put her hand in the pic which exploded on Twitter. The pic that is. Not her hand. We’d be talking a whole different story if that happened. Now that would be a proposal to remember. ‘Yeah, so I got down on one knee, she said yes, we kissed and then her hand just went BOOM! All over the place. Hopefully it will grow back before the wedding but we’re going to push through regardless. She’s such a trooper.’

IRL, since posting the tweet on Saturday (November 3), which included a pic of the happy moment and the ‘here’s how we did it’, it’s picked up 664K likes and 160K retweets (at time of writing, November 4), as well as loads of replies from women tagging their mates to help them get out of any possible similar situation.

engagment photo@goodgirljenjen/Twitter

Aww bless them. They look really happy.

Jenna posted the pics with the caption:

My cousin’s boyfriend proposed to her but she didn’t have her nails done lmao. [sic]

Simple, elegant and with a small dose of textspeak. I’m getting teary. That’s quality content, guys. You’ll nail the wedding if that’s how you do your social.

An onslaught of gushing girlfriends shared the happy moment:

Though you can’t please everyone:

viral proposal photo@goodgirljenjen/Twitter

Yet someone was confused by the pic or just being obtuse. This is Twitter after all. It’s not the friendliest playground:

If you think that’s sweet, check out what Kevin from Wisconsin did for his proposal.

Although Kevin knew where and when he wanted to go down on one knee, he still wasn’t sure exactly how he would ask his girlfriend, Aubry, to marry him.

Planning on asking the big question one Saturday at a small, locally owned ice cream and candy shop called The Ranison, Kevin knew the location would be perfect because he and Aubry had their first date there over two years ago. How sweet!

Wanting to add an extra cute touch though, the day before he proposed, Kevin asked his four-year-old nephew Liam, whether he could help.

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Kevin explained how he was nervous in the moments leading up to the proposal, especially because Liam can be a loose cannon.

He said:

When I called my brother to ask, he told me that he would work with Liam on it and they’d meet us at the shop around two the next day. This is not unusual for us as we all love ice cream and we hang out a lot.

The plan was for Liam to ask Aubry if she would marry me, and then I would pull out the ring. I was nervous for this because Liam is sort of a wild card and we had no idea when he was going to pop the question.

There was a good chance that he was going to just say it as soon as he saw her, but he kept his cool and didn’t even hint at it until my brother told him it was go time.

With Kevin standing next to Aubry, Liam was given the nod and walked up asking the question as the groom-to-be got down on one knee pulling out a ring.

Following up Liam’s question by saying ‘well, will you’, Kevin was delighted to get a yes, hugging both Aubry and his young nephew.

engagement photoUNILAD

You can read more about Kevin, Aubry and little Liam’s cute proposal over here.

I’m going to go for a little cry. This is making me feel so emotional.

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