Woman’s Lips Swell Up After Eating ‘New’ Hamburger Meat

by : Emily Brown on : 24 Apr 2019 20:53
Woman's lips swell up after eating meat@deelishhhh_/Twitter

A woman decided to venture out of her comfort zone and try some new food, but she was made to regret her choice when her lips swelled up massively. 

The unfortunate woman, named Miyah, was met with the disastrous consequences after eating some hamburger meat purchased from the store Sam’s Club, rather than the family’s usual haunt, Walmart.


At first, the new experience seemed to have gone smoothly, however things took a turn when Miyah woke up the following day to find a small bump on her lip.

Girls lips swell up after eating meat@deelishhhh_/Twitter

She dismissed the oddity, hoping it would disappear, but things only got worse.

Recalling the situation, she told UNILAD:


The swelling actually caught me off guard.

I just woke up Saturday morning and saw that I had a small bump on the right side of my bottom lip, so I just brushed it off and went on about my day. Until I saw that it started to spread.


When Miyah realised the swelling wasn’t going down, she bought some allergy medication in the hopes she could tackle her growing lips herself. But by the time evening came, she knew she had to go to the emergency room.

The Mississippi resident continued:


I went to the ER around 7 or 8 that night and as soon as I walked in the nurses laughed at me, but I couldn’t help but to laugh too.

After speaking with several doctors and nurses, and answering questions about what I had eaten, it all boiled down to the hamburger meat that my mom had never bought before.

Woman's lips swell after eating meat@deelishhhh_/Twitter

Miyah shared a brilliant thread of her experience on Twitter, detailing the gradual, continual swelling of her lips. She took the situation in her stride, and now goes by the name ‘miyah w/ da phat lips’ on Twitter.

She warned others to stick to the foods they know, tweeting:


lesson of the day: stick to what you know. buy things you always buy.. it doesn’t hurt to try new foods but SHEESH [sic] just pray you don’t look like me in the end.

AND KNOW WHAT YOU’RE ALLERGIC TO! The doctors still have yet to find out and tell me.[sic]


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Thankfully the swelling eventually reduced, and Miyah’s lips started to return to normal.

She shared another update on Twitter, writing:

my face still a lil swole.. but IM GOOD.[sic]

I think Miyah can definitely be used as a cautionary tale when it comes to trying new foods – I’m sure she’ll be much more wary in the future!

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