Peppa Pig Make-Up Tutorial Will Absolutely Terrify You

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 14 Aug 2019 16:15
Woman's Peppa Pig Make-Up Tutorial Will Absolutely Terrify YouJody Steel/YouTube

An artist has just turned our favourite childhood cartoon into the stuff nightmares are made of, with nothing more than a little face paint.

Jody Steel turned herself into a terrifyingly realistic Peppa Pig, and while her artwork is incredibly impressive, it has left people feeling a little, erm, scared.


The artist took to YouTube to share her impressive transformation from human to cartoon, where she showed her followers the seemingly simple steps they can take to re-create the look.

You can watch her full tutorial here:

The tutorial provoked mixed responses from viewers, who were no doubt impressed with Jody’s art, however many were quick to liken it to night terrors.


One person commented: ‘Peppa, what are you doing in my nightmares?’ while another added: ‘This great evil. Where’d it come from? How’d it steal into the world? What seed, what root did it grow from?’

Someone even took to Twitter to share screengrabs from the video, writing: ‘I just watched a Peppa Pig makeup tutorial and I am never sleeping again.’

I feel ya’, Chris.


In an introduction to her YouTube channel, Jody tells her followers she’s here to help people feel confident in creating art. The LA-based artist creates ‘videos for those who want to improve their art skills and gain the confidence to express themselves visually’. She adds: ‘From body art to face paint, I hope I can help you discover your inner creativity!’

Somehow, her latest masterpiece reminds me of that time someone decided to show the world what Peppa Pig would look like if she were to be forward-facing. In a word, it was… horrifying.

People of the internet, if you weren’t already familiar with the image of Peppa Pig facing forward, then I must warn you, you probably won’t ever be able to watch the children’s cartoon with your kids ever again.

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Peppa Pig was reimagined by 16-year-old Japanese Twitter user KwonHanchi, and the results are creepy.

The image shows Peppa with four eyes and four snouts and I won’t lie, it has been etched on my brain ever since he tweeted it in April, 2018.

peppa pigEntertainment One

Perhaps Jody Steel and KwonHanchi should team up – I’m sure between them they’d be capable of creating some pretty freaky, but amazing, sh*t.


Kudos to Jody for effortlessly creating the childhood cartoon on her face though, you can’t knock her creativity and skill.

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