Woman’s Step-Mum Accidentally Sent Hitman After Her Dad

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Woman's Step-Mum Accidentally Sent Hitman After Her Dadmaximevdd/TikTok/Lionsgate

Somehow, in a near-catastrophic mix-up, a woman’s step-mum accidentally sent a hitman to kill her dad. 

We all say things we don’t mean in the heat of an argument with our better half. You get riled up, you shout, then you regret. That said, there’s a difference between taking something a bit too far and handing your partner off to a professional killer.


TikTok user Maxime (@maximevdd) posted a heartwarming story about a spat between her step-mum and dad, which nearly led to his death at the hands of a hitman.

Maxime explained, ‘If you ever think your family is f*cked up, I once found out at a Christmas dinner that my step-mum once accidentally sent a hitman after my dad.’

She continued, ‘The only reason my dad is still alive is because said [the] hitman was shot in an unrelated gang incident before he could get to my dad. And apparently this is something we all just laugh about now.’


I’m sure your immediate question is: how? I certainly don’t know how to commission a hitman, other than risking my IP address surfing the dark web.

Other users asked, ‘Can you please explain how you accidentally order a hitman? There’s a story there I need to know now.’ Another wrote, ‘I’m sorry how does one accidentally hire a hitman? Agent 47 you have been accidentally assigned to this mission.’


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Maxime posted a further TikTok, which explained, ‘My step-mum had a lot of criminal friends growing up, and one night after her and my dad had a fight, she went to a bar where all these friends were to go and vent about what my dad had done.’

However, ‘One of these friends took this venting the wrong way. It was more of an unfortunate miscommunication with a criminal friend than it was actively hiring a hitman to kill my dad. But she didn’t realise this until much later. But by some weird coincidence, this guy ended up getting shot, so nothing ever happened to my dad. Now, we can all laugh about it.’

The two videos have racked up thousands of views in total. One user commented, ‘What’s even more weird is that said hitman in his mind was probably like… fine, I’ll do it for free because we’re friends just shut up.’

Others have queried how she found out her pal was going to kill him if he was shot, but it’s not been confirmed if he was killed, so she was perhaps told afterwards.


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