Women Are Biologically Stronger Than Men, Study Finds


A new study has found that women are biologically stronger than men.

Despite ‘history’ teaching us that men come up trumps when it comes to lifting boxes, sawing down trees and winning pub fights all is not as it seems.

The study by Proceedings of the National Academy of Scientists of the United States of America reveals that women are actually more likely to survive a life threatening crisis than men.

Researchers came to this conclusion by comparing the death rates of men and women who were pitted against famines, epidemics and slavery.


The only two exceptions were the plantation slaves in 19th century Trinidad and freed Liberian slaves around the same time.

For slaves between 1813 and 1816, life expectancy may have been as low as 15.18 years for men and 13.21 years for women.

For Liberian freedmen, life expectancy was between 35 to 49 but in all other age groups, especially infancy, women outlived men. Altogether, 43 per cent of ex-slaves who were encouraged to migrate to Liberia by the US government died within a year in Africa because of their immune systems being exposed to new diseases.

At birth, life expectancy for boys was just 1.68 years and 2.23 years for girls.

In other examples – the Ukranian famine of 1933, the Swedish famine of 1772-73, the Icelandic measles epidemics of 1846 and 1882, and the Irish famine of 1845-49 – women continually outlived men.

By the way, fellas, in case you get all angry and insecure, we’re talking biological strength. So don’t get all uppity about the role of women in WWI and WWII.

Just pray you never experience a famine!