Australian Women Are Having Surgery To Improve Their Orgasms


It’ll just take a little prick for the most intense and pleasurable orgasm women in Brisbane have figured out.

One woman a fortnight in the Australian city is undergoing a procedure called G-Spot amplification.

The ‘minimally’ invasive surgery involves a doctor injecting hyaluronic acid into the G-Spot to ‘improve sensitivity where you need it most’, Courier Mail reports.

Owners of the Brisbane clinic say the $900 (£550) treatment is surprisingly popular with women of all ages but most common in women over the age of 35.

Cosmetic nurse Kate Sowden works at BeautyFULL Cosmetic Medical Clinic in Mt Gravatt which carries out the 10 minute procedure which is ‘very comfortable for clients’ with a result lasting at least four months.

If it works, I feel like it would really ruin your natural orgasm and you’d have to keep up the $900 habit three times a year.

Sowden said:

It’s an all-natural product so there’s a very low risk of having any sort of adverse reaction or anything like that.

Fun fact: The G-Spot is named after the German doctor Ernst Gräfenberg who found it (officially).

Ah, the irony that a woman’s greatest pleasure receptor is named after the one male who managed to successfully find it.

Despite it being infamous, there is much debate as to whether the G-Spot actually exists. I’d hope for the sake of all those women spending all that money that it does if these doctors are injecting acid into it.