Women Are Sharing All The Sexual Harassment They Deal With Every Single Day

by : Saman Javed on : 06 Apr 2021 15:28
Women Are Sharing All The Sexual Harassment They Deal With Every Single DayPexels/PA Images

Women on Reddit are sharing the various forms of sexual harassment, both overt and covert, they deal with every single day.

The discussion, started by user u/dudeARama2, asked women to give examples of ‘the subtle kinds of low-grade sexual harassment [they] face on a constant basis’.


Posted last week, the thread already has more than 5,000 comments from women sharing their experiences both at work and while out and about in their daily lives.

One hand therapist said she has lost count of the number of times a man has tried to ‘hold’ her hand back.

‘I have to show people how to massage their scars effectively after their surgery because otherwise they can become stuck to the bone/tendon underneath,’ she explained.


‘To do this I have to put cream on the scar and then demonstrate the right pressure to put on while they massage it. I’ve lost count of the amount of times a man has tried to ‘hold’ my hand back, or make some lewd comment about how I can massage elsewhere if I like. Just no, yuck,’ she wrote.

Another woman said it was normal for her friends, who work in a nightclub, to expect to see drunk men waiting outside the venue after closing waiting for them to finish.

She said it was totally normal by this point for most of the girls to be driven home by club bouncers ‘just in case’.


Another shared the uncomfortable encounters she experienced at her office job where she was expected to receive hugs simply because she is a woman.

‘When I worked in an office there were a lot of sales reps who didn’t care that I didn’t want to be touched because they were huggers. Men older than my parents would shake hands with the other people in my department but insist I stand up for a hug. When I brought it up to my boss I was told they were old school salesmen and to just laugh it off,’ she said.

One woman, a lawyer who used to work at a pro bono clinic, said that if she had a dollar for every time a client asked if they could get a second opinion from a male attorney, she would have carried on doing public interest law.


‘Some clients refused to meet with me and demanded to speak to a male staff member (no male attorneys on staff sometimes!), which would often lead to them meeting with one of my supervises – fresh college grads with no legal experience except what I taught them. They would helpfully tell the client that they couldn’t give legal advice and should probably do what I told them to do in the first place,’ she said.

A male lawyer in the comments also expressed his frustration at the sexism his female colleagues often face. He said women at his law firm often ask him to sit in on meetings and nod in agreement with them just to appease clients.

He added: ‘It’s pathetic that people have less faith in women attorneys than they do male attorneys. Law is my second career and even though these women are younger than me they’ve been practicing law for longer and know a sh*t ton more than me.’

If you have a story you want to tell, send it to UNILAD via [email protected]

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