Women Dish Out Free Shots To Passengers After Security Stops Them Taking Bottles Onboard

by : Emily Brown on : 19 Nov 2021 18:49
Women Dish Out Free Shots To Passengers After Security Stops Them Taking Bottles OnboardAlamy/@latinnbellaa/TikTok

A free bag of peanuts would have no doubt provided a suitable snack for a number of plane passengers after a group of women started handing out shots at security. 

I’m sure many of us are familiar with the painstaking process of attempting to carry liquids in your carry-on bag while travelling, with airline restrictions requiring bottles to be less than 100ml in capacity and for every item to be visible in a see-through bag.


Though you’d have a good chance of getting away with taking a few miniature bottles of alcohol on board a plane in this manner, unfortunately the same can’t be said for bottles filled with a litre of the stuff.

Airport security (Alamy)Alamy

One group of women were met with this unfortunate realisation while travelling to Miami recently, with a video shared on TikTok revealing they had a number of large bottles of alcohol in their bags.

Alongside the clip, TikTok user @latinnbellaa explained the group hadn’t initially planned to try and take the bottles in their carry-on bags, but that they ‘missed [their] deadline’ to put the bags in the cargo hold and so were forced to take them through security.


Rather than wasting good alcohol by throwing it away, the women decided to take glugs of the drinks before heading to the gate. Not wanting others to miss out on the fun, they also sent the bottles down the line to allow others to take a sip.

In the video shared online, one of the women can be seen handing a bottle of Malibu to others in line behind her, explaining the situation as a fellow traveller pulled down their mask and start to waterfall the rum into their mouth.

Check it out below:


Though such obvious drinking may have been a cause for concern for some airport security workers, the ones working during this particular series of events appeared to be laughing as the scene unfolded.

Despite having missed the deadline to check in their luggage, the TikTok user assured viewers that passengers managed to make their flight and that ‘nobody got kicked out’.

They added: ‘It was a shot, no one was drunk.’

Woman taking shots (@latinnbellaa/TikTok)@latinnbellaa/TikTok

A follow-up video supported her claims as it showed a group of girls raising their drinks in a ‘cheers’, presumably after they successfully made it to Miami.

The footage of the travellers doing shots has been met with mixed opinions online, with a number of people praising the group for handing out their alcohol while others criticised those in the video for sharing the bottle amid the coronavirus pandemic, with the move coming in contradiction with their protective face masks.

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