Women Prefer Dad Bods Over Six-Pack Abs, Survey Says

Women Prefer Dad Bods Over Six-Pack Abs, Survey SaysMarvel Studios/Warner Bros.

Gone are the days where men needed to head to the gym to work on their abs to impress a girl, because chiseled six packs are out and dad bods are in, according to a new study.

According to Planet Fitness, more Americans believe dad bods are more acceptable than ever before, which is a great way to celebrate dads far and wide this Father’s Day.

The gym brand released the study to celebrate the fact dad bods come in all shapes and just like the data suggests, we’re all here for it.

Of all the people involved in the study, 61, per cent of women agreed that dad bods are superior, telling researchers they find the less toned male physique a lot ‘sexier.’

Women Prefer Dad Bods Over Six-Pack Abs, Survey SaysUniversal Pictures

But, it’s not just women who are into the more relaxed body type, as a lot of men said they are happier with their dad bod, admitting it has made them more relaxed and improved their life in some way. I can think of one way it has improved their life, and that has got to be not having to go to the gym.

What’s more, 47 per cent said their body type has made them less concerned with how they look, which was also picked up on by women – 80 per cent of whom believe a dad bod is a sign of a man ‘who is confident in his own skin.’

Jamie Medeiros, vice president of marketing at Planet Fitness said in a statement:

As home of the Judgement Free Zone, we’re proud to offer a comfortable environment for all of our members, regardless of body type.

This Father’s Day, Planet Fitness is challenging everyone, and not just dads, to be comfortable in their own skin and accept others for who they are.

In a world where how other people look on Instagram seems to be at the forefront of people’s minds, it’s amazing to know people are taking a more relaxed approach in trying to look a certain way.

Long live the dad bod!

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