World’s Largest Lego Store Opens In London


This is probably the most exciting news all day, no wait, it’s 2016-all year. 

The LEGO flagship has finally landed.

Two years in the making and the Evening Standard reports that the world’s biggest LEGO store, has opened its doors for the first time today, in London’s Leicester Square.

There are many treasures to be found inside, including a model of a dragon, the Elizabeth Tower, Big Ben, an Underground map, a phone box and a red Royal Mail postbox.

These masterpieces have a combined weight of five tonnes and are made up from a massive 1.7 million bricks.

Big Ben alone is a staggering 6.5m tall, weighing in at a crazy 1035kg- that’s the equivalent of a baby elephant.

Creators invested 3000 hours to the build with over a quarter of a million bricks used to produce this incredible working replica- the clock works and even chimes just like the real deal.

We’re impressed.

Don't forget to take a selfie with Lester when you visit the newly opened #LEGOStoreLondon

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There’s plenty to channel your inner big kid, including the world’s first Lego Mosaic Maker- enabling you to create a personalised LEGO portrait.

The work of art, literally allows you to turn yourself into a piece of LEGO. Wait what?!

This crazy machine apparently scans your face, taking a photo and turns it into a pixellated LEGO-brick image. Amazing.

While you’re there you can also leave your mark on one of the LEGO landmarks, by adding bricks of your choice to the existing buildings and contributing to the creations.

The building itself is enormous and took an insane 10,000 hours of work to complete.

Probably by far the most impressive attraction at the store is the London Underground carriage.

Bizarrely, it includes a LEGO model of Shakespeare, chilling on the tube.

Even the Mayor of London couldn’t resist having a play.

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Lego Group, John Goodwin said: “We want to inspire and develop children through creative play experiences — and this store is all about that.

You said it.

Not just for children though…