World’s Oldest Woman Celebrates 119th Birthday

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Kane Tanaka, born in 1903, is the world’s oldest woman and is ringing in her 119th birthday.

Today, January 2, is Tanaka’s birthday and she is said to be celebrating in Fukuoka, Japan.


Tanaka was born in 1903, 11 years before World War One began, and she hopes to live to 120 years old.

The world’s oldest women currently lives in a nursing home in Japan. While she is unable to speak, she communicates with staff through gestures and uses number puzzles to challenge herself.


Her eldest son and her husband both fought in the Sino-Japanese War, which started in 1937.


At 90 years old, Tanaka underwent cataract surgery and had colorectal cancer surgery when she was 103.

As of 2020, Tanaka has five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Her 62-year-old grandson Eiji spoke to the Japan Times about the incredible milestone.

‘I would like to personally congratulate her soon. I hope she remains healthy and has fun everyday as she grows older,’ he said.


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There have, however, been claims of other people being older than Tanaka.

Last month, China’s oldest person Alimihan Seyiti is said to have died at the age of 135. However, this information has not been internationally confirmed.

Another woman in Turkey, Seker Arslan, also claims to be 119 and is said to have celebrated her birthday with family in the city of Amasya.


According to her driver’s licence she was born on June 27, 1902, which would make her one year older that Tanaka, though this is also unverified.

Either way, it’s an incredible milestone and we wish Tanaka a very happy birthday.

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