‘World’s Sexiest Weather Girl’ Hits Back At Pro Gamer Ex Over ‘Gold Digger’ Claims


Breakups are tough. No matter what age you are, the likelihood is you’ll never get used to the heart-breaking, earth-shattering realisation that someone has fallen out of love with you.

So imagine how much more difficult that would be if your ex told you he’d split up with you so that he could play more video games.

Which is what happened earlier this year when YouTuber Douglas ‘FaZe Censor’ Martin revealed in a video posted to YouTube he was splitting up with girlfriend Yanet Garcia so he could focus on professional gaming on a full-time basis.

However, all may not be as it seems as Martin has since released another video claiming that Garcia – dubbed ‘the world’s sexiest weather girl’ – was demanding a cut of his social media earnings.

The video, titled ‘WHY I BROKE UP WITH YANET GARCIA’ was published on his YouTube channel six days ago (October 16) and quickly went viral, having 1.2 million views at the time of writing (October 23).

In it, he describes their ‘amazing’ relationship, stating how ‘crazy’ it was for him to meet such a beautiful girl. He described their relationship as like ‘something out of a movie’. Obviously it didn’t last though, and if you’re anything like me you’ll be waiting for him to cut to the chase.

He goes on to explain of their split, he cited Call of Duty as only part of the truth so that he wouldn’t tarnish any of the good times had between he and Garcia.

However, he claims he didn’t realise at the time how much of a mistake that was, saying that people had not stopped insulting him since and calling him a loser. This, he said, is why he has to tell ‘the whole truth’.

He says in the video:

Everything started to turn when I mentioned to her how much money can be made on YouTube and being a YouTuber.

When she understood how much money I was making on YouTube she wanted to get a percentage of the videos I was making and for me, I didn’t feel comfortable with it.

Ouch. Clearly, Garcia was less than happy with this new development and took to social media to respond to the accusations just three days later on October 19.

She posted a picture to Instagram, giving her 7.8 million followers her side of the story:

She addresses the ‘whole media, digital press and general audiences’ and states she wishes to clarify certain things – laying out her narrative into seven separate points.

She begins by making clear that she does not ‘depend on anyone else in any sense’, stating that she works hard to achieve her dreams.

She then references Martin specifically, saying:

I cannot recognize the person I was in love with. I believe in justice and bravery and that is why I’m pointing out the lies that I’m not willing to accept.

She goes on to say:

Obviously my ex-partner has decided to change unconditional love for money or monetizing it as social media platforms now call it.

The post quickly gained popularity, having nearly 40K likes at the time of writing (October 23).

I wonder how many more twists and turns this breakup is going to take… To be honest, I’m fully expecting him to come back with another video. Watch this space, I guess.

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