Year 9 Banter Is Still The Best Thing On Twitter


Year 9 was a pretty tough time. Fact.

You had to start thinking about our GCSE options, have your first alcoholic beverage (Smirnoff Ice=hardcore) and contemplate life’s toughest decisions, like what McKenzie hoody would you be wearing today?

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Fortunately, we could get away with this eye-wateringly cringey behaviour back in the mid-noughties, purely down to the lack of social media which would have documented it all.

But the youth of today aren’t so lucky. Their most ridiculous Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat posts have been collated and used by Twitter user Year 9 Banter.

twitter web thumbTwitter/Year 9 Banter

It was started back in 2013 and is still going strong now in 2016.

It really does take us back to what it was like to be a 13-year-old kid, but it’s pretty fucking embarassing to say the least.

These guys need to be stopped as soon as:

You almost certainly witnessed this at some point on your street:

Photoshopping skills are certainly not their forte:

And you definitely wouldn’t want to mess with these guys:

Because one beer is enough to fuck them right up:

And even though they’re not 18 yet, no fucks are given, they do what you want:

Even in the most stressful of times, they still have a right laugh:

And have all the epic banter:

They don’t give two shits what their parents think:

And will escalate any given situation, massively.

But Abbie has gone too far and needs to calm her shit down:

Oh Twitter, you’ve done it again.