You Can Be Paid To Be A Professional Cheese Taster

by : UNILAD on : 14 Aug 2018 20:07

Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to dis-a-brie? I cheddar the world and the feta cheese. Everybody’s looking for Stilton. 

Not my words, of course, but those of Annie Lennox in her smash-hit Sweet Dreams but switched about to focus on cheese.


Hey, speaking of, Manchester-based delivery experience company Sorted has launched a crusade to find an assistant to the current in-house Director of Cheese. How class is that?

The brand-new position at the award-winning business has arisen after the company’s monthly ‘Cheesy Tuesday’ – sounds gross but stay with me – concept gained so much popularity with employees, the current Director of Cheese needed an extra pair of hands.

Each month, the company’s staff come together for a special social event to enjoy an array of flavours and tastes culminating in a vote on their favourite cheese. If that wasn’t enough, Sorted are even sponsoring a cheeseboard at Retail Week Tech later this year.


The newly appointed assistant will be on hand to co-ordinate the monthly events, ensuring staff continue their culinary journey through cheeses of the world and just generally have the most banter job title in the country.

The Assistant Director’s role will also support in the sponsorship of the Retail Week event, taste test cheese to perfect the offering, provide regular updates to staff during Cheesy Tuesdays and spread the cheese love on social.

Sorted Director of Cheese Emma Smith said:


It’s not easy being cheesy and we don’t just mean some of the team’s questionable playlists. I’m in need of an assistant who knows how to Caerphilly create a good cheese (leader) board and doesn’t mind a faint odour following them after work.

This role isn’t about cheese. It’s about culture; a culture that’s fostered by the people at Sorted – making it a one-off place to be employed that puts its people first. Our people are like family. Sorted staff are brave, bold, creative and take risks, so Sorted is a place that truly develops and encourages its talent. And of course, loves a slice of cheese… or three!

Ooh! Cheeky!

Sorted are always looking for inventive, determined, like-minded problem-solvers to join the family and help create magic. David Grimes, who founded the company from his parents’ kitchen table back in 2010, now leads a team with around 100 employees, headquartered from a brand-new tech office on Albert Square in Manchester city centre. Only the extraordinary need apply, they say.


This is one of around 50 roles that Sorted are looking to fill over the next six months. Of course, the majority of these aren’t cheese related but fall within the company’s tech, finance and marketing teams.

Surely it’s worth applying for just for the banter, if anything. Be great to check in at your next family party and back bat all the passive-aggressive ‘So what are you up to now?’ questions with ‘You know what? I’m a Director of cheese. How about that? Try that on for size, Nan.’

To see more about this role and find other jobs at Sorted, visit their website right here.

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