You Can Buy A Cash Me Ousside Girl Halloween Costume For Babies

by : UNILAD on : 10 Oct 2017 20:06
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You can now dress your little one as the world’s worst teenager, Danielle Bregoli, a.k.a ‘Cash Me Ousside Girl’.


If you want proof of how strong the brand of Ms Bregoli is, then this Halloween, expect to see a legion of young tearaways dressed as the internet’s favourite (or depending on who you ask, hated) viral star.

You read correctly, the viral-star-turned-rapper has become such a modern-day pop culture icon, parents – who should probably know better – can dress their little princess as the ‘Cash Me Ousside Girl’.


There’s probably a few questions mulling around in your head right now, one of them is mostly likely, ‘Dammit UNILAD you’re writing about this girl again!’, to which we can only say sorry, but you clicked on it!


The other question is probably, ‘Why? Why would you do this to your baby girl?’.

Again one reason could be because the parent in question is bad and child services should be rung up immediately but before you go punching those dials, maybe you should take a second to think… it all makes sense.

Who, in recent memory is the equivalent of your worst nightmare? Who’s a monster in real life – not some work of fiction like Pennywise?

Other than Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, the only other personality who fits the description is Bregoli – and it’s a sentence I never thought I’d find myself writing.

For $39.88 you can dress your little girl (or boy) up to be one of the most reviled figures on TV and all for some lovely banter at this month’s Halloween party.

We should warn you, somewhere in the future, your kid may need psychological  counselling… just don’t bring them onto the Dr. Phil show!

Danielle Bregoli shot to internet fame after footage of her appearance on the Dr. Phil Show went viral and in that moment, she became a viral meme and was followed relentlessly around by the likes of TMZ.

She’s now used this to her advantage, setting up merchandise such as t-shirts and hoodies.


She’s also used her internet fame to troll other media outlets to death, (such as ourselves) as well as launching her own rap career.

We’ll let you be the judge on her skills on the m-i-c:

I once wrote, ‘I’m pretty sure you’re tired of reading about the ‘Cassh Me Ousside Girl’, as much as my tiny little fingers are tired of having to type about her.

The sentiment remains the same and again, I can only apologise.

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    Someone made a 'Cash Me Outside' costume for babies.