You Can Now Buy A Prosecco Advent Calendar


If there are two things in the world that go together it’s Christmas and festive tipple.

Everybody has their favourite tipple in the time of yule, personally I love a good ol’ sherry but I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a lovely bit of whisky or even the odd Bailey’s.

But there is one thing universally loved when the family arrives and that Christmas playlist goes on repeat all afternoon, and that’s a nice glass of bubbly.


Well there’s now a way you can spread that festive cheer all the way through the month of December and that’s the prosecco advent calendar.

Behind each of the 24 doors in the calendar is a mini-bottle of the good stuff and it only costs a measly £125…

The goodies can be bought at Pip Stop, and it’s actually much better value than it sounds.


If the advent calendar is £125, and there are 24 bottles in the advent calendar, then that’s around £5.20 for a bottle.

Even better, there’s actually a variety of white and rosé fizz including prosecco, cava and champagne.

This definitely seems to be the season to get some wine in the house, with Aldi’s three-litre bottles of prosecco and the wine advent calendar, now’s the time to capitalise on the hype for the good stuff.

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What a time to be alive.