You Can Now Buy Hot Water Bottles Just For Your Feet


We’re not out of the woods yet so banish your winter blues with this hot water bottle, designed just for your feet.

Is there anything more satisfying than curling up on the sofa in front of your favourite show while the sound of rain taps on your window, safe in the knowledge while it’s minging outside, you’re all toasty and warm.

No, of course not, we’re selfish creatures, and sod anyone who’s facing nature’s fury in the cold depths of winter – as long as I’ve got the heating on, food in my belly and warm toasty feet, I’m alright Jack. (Disclaimer: it actually appals me our government could let almost 600 people die on the streets in 2017 – the last figures recorded – and two people outside parliament in 2018.)

So huzzah, because there’s a hot water bottle cover designed just for sticking your feet into.

Available on Amazon for £15.80 the Heated Foot Warmer sold by Things2KeepUWarm, offers a cosy fleece purse to slip your hot water bottle into, perfect for warming those ever cold extremities.

On top of that, the Heated Foot Warmer offers the further following benefits:

The Hot water bottle foot warmer retains all the simplicity and effectiveness of a hot water bottle.

The hot bottle is inserted into the attractive and practical foot pouch which is big enough to envelop both feet in gentle warmth and comfort. Heats in minutes. Stays warm for a couple of hours.

Useful throughout the day and night.

Great for cold days or as a gift for loved ones.

heated foot warmerhings2KeepUWarm/Amazon

In case you’re still waiting for payday to come round, and who isn’t when the distance between Christmas and New Year paycheques takes longer to traverse than a circumnavigation of your mum, here’s a nifty tip to make you feel just as warm and fuzzy.

Pretty sure these were designed for feet too:

hot water bottlePixabay

But don’t let my cynicism let the gears of post-Christmas consumerism come to a grinding halt.

These people had some very good things to say about the Heated Foot Warmer, which in case you were wondering, will work at night-time as well as during the day:

heated foot warmer reviewAmazon
heated foot warmer reviewAmazon
heated foot warmer reviewAmazon

These folk weren’t so pleased:


Almost £16 could go a long way, just saying.

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