You Can Now Get A Sex Toy With Your Partner’s Head On It

Personalised sex toyWobbling Willy

If I had a pound for every time I heard someone say they didn’t know what to get as a present for their partner/friend/colleague etc, well, I wouldn’t be sat here writing, put it that way!

Not only do a lot of people complain when it’s a ‘Secret Santa’ at work, or an anniversary, but a birthday or Christmas tends to be especially difficult for the purchaser without a clue!

However, a fail safe option is to always go for something personalised – giving that extra special touch, whether it’s jewellery, a pillow….or an air freshener!

Well, this takes it to another level! Call it a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day:

Personalised sex toyWobbling Willy

That’s right! One company, in Sweden, has created something which will put those personalised socks and matching pyjamas to shame!

If you couldn’t tell from the pictures, the ‘Wobbling Willy’ is a sex toy customers can have customised with a 3D model of their chosen face.

So when you’re enjoying some ‘alone time’, you can lie back and think of, well anyone you want! Maybe that one colleague you’ve always fantasised about, or a friend’s dad you’ve always had the hots for! *Disclaimer – none of this is me by the way*

3d Personalised sex toyWobbling Willy

To get your hands on a delightful Wobbling Willy, all you need to do is, (once you’ve picked whose face you want on the toy), provide photos of them –  from the front, back and both sides of their head – and pay the reasonable fee of $99 (£74).

They ship anywhere in the world, so fear not guys and girls – and if you’re in a long-distance relationship, surely this is the perfect surprise gift for your significant other? describes the toy as ‘a fully functional dildo with a twist’, adding:

Wobbling Willy silicone body with your personalized caricature head, comes with a faux suede pouch and an instruction leaflet. All delivered in a discrete package.

The Facts / Color: Purple / Size: 19 cm / Weight: 245 g

During the sculpting process of your head you will be able to approve or give feedback. We will make changes until you are satisfied.

The company also use details provided by the customer about hair, eye and skin colour to make the figurine – which sits at the end of the sex toy – resemble the chosen person as much as possible.

I’ve already got my crush lined up for my order – and I know exactly what my Secret Santa purchase is going to be this year!

On the website, the product’s billed as being perfect for couples in long distance relationships – specifically women who might be missing their other half. To be fair, what a great resolution to your distance problems!

It’s definitely one way of keeping someone close!

3D personalised sex toyWobbling Willy

The Wobbling Willy is made using clay and silicone – similar to other, more traditional toys shall we say.

The company explain on their website where the product is manufactured and what their nation is known for: 

You might think that Sweden is famous for naked girls, wild sex and polar bears in the streets.

Yes, we are also well known for our design. Wobbling Willy is designed and founded in Sweden.

As an added bonus, and to keep your blushes spared, the company will deliver your toy in discreet packaging for a fee of $16 (£12). Bargain!

Enjoy people!

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