You Can Now Get Paid To Watch Adult Movies

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Almost 80 per cent of American males between the ages of 18 and 30 admit to watching adult entertainment, so there’s a good chance you could be in that statistic. 

Imagine getting paid to do that.

Sounds like a job fabricated by Jay from the Inbetweeners. In fact, there is one company that has released details of their platform that rewards viewers for their attention.

We spoke to Harriet Sugarcookie, an English adult star, about her life working in the industry:

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Vice Industry Token is aiming to fix today’s ad-based free viewing model that is dominated by tube sites and only benefits the web traffic companies.

They aim to create a blockchain-based platform that rewards viewers for authentic attention and incentivising producers to create high quality, engaging content.

Relativity Media

The platform would reward fans with cryptographic tokens called ‘VIT’ that they can redeem to view premium content and other products and services from a range of partner site and adult entertainment platforms.

In order to earn VIT when viewing content, producers will ask registered fans to performs specific actions such as upvoting, commenting, or sharing. Each authentic engagement will earn viewers a fractional amount of VIT while also simultaneously distributing it to content producers and curators.


Vice Industry Token Inc. founder and CEO Stuart Duncan, said:

The commercial model with sponsored content is broken.

People’s attention is a valuable and scarce resource. The Vice Industry Token platform upends the ad-driven commercial model to capitalize on the new ‘Attention Economy’, permitting porn publishers to actively engage with viewers by rewarding them with VIT for their genuine attention and authentic engagement.

People are always going to watch porn – it’s a booming global business. The current advertising-driven model is hugely flawed and ridden with fraud.

In contrast, the Attention Economy model lifts the bar for everyone involved.

It rewards viewers for authentic attention, and incentivizes producers and curators to develop high quality, engaging content for which viewers will be willing to pay real attention.


Additionally, viewers who buy VIT during the token sale will receive discounts of up to 80% for products and services from a select number of partner publishers.

It is being marketed as the ‘revolutionary adult cryprocurrency’


Their website reads:

The original paradign in adult entertainment was that people paid for the content they consumed; whether by subscription or pay-per-view. With ‘tube’ websites becoming popular, there was a shift towards free-viewing.

While free content was certainly desirable, wouldn’t it be better if you could get paid for it, too?

Backed by some of the top names in the adult entertainment world, Vice Industry Token will deliver you the content that you want to see, while enabling you to get paid just for watching it.

Adult entertainment is a multi-billion dollar industry. Vice Industry Token is your opportunity to get a piece of it, and all you have to do is watch porn.

*dresses up once* … *posts pics of it for a month*

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The project is backed by Penthouse TV and partnerships are in place with content sites like and Exxxtasy.

More information on the partners and the specific products and services will be made available before the token sale commences.

Seems too good to be true.