You Can Now Get Your Friend’s Face On A Bear

Personalised Teddy BearsBags of Love

Have you ever, for any reason, thought to yourself: I’d love to get my friend’s face on a bear! Well, now you can do just that!

If you fancy sleeping next to your mate, but not really sleeping next to your mate (no baggage in the form of bad banter, farts, general smells), then why not take up this golden opportunity?

Bags of Love has recently seen a surge in personalised teddy bears. Can you make a guess as to who’s on it?

It’s only bloody Gareth Southgate! England’s top lion and guiding light who saw us reach our first World Cup semi-final in 28 years this summer!

Personalised Teddy Bear Gareth SouthgateBags of Love

They write:

Bear with us as proud England fans are going mad for England manager’s Gareth Southgate return.

Our customers are putting his face on our personalised bears for their children to hold high in the air when the England team comes back. England fans can’t wait to bear witness to Gareth Southgate return.

You can create your own personalised teddy bear with photo and characterisations. Designed in London, punters can choose from a great range of styles and design for their custom teddy bear with photos, text, jumpers, t-shirt design and character options. The more personality the better, it seems.

The custom teddy will be a part of your child’s life, or adult friend’s life for that matter, for years to come.

Bags of Love claim:

You can make this a brilliant experience for you as a designer and of the child or recipient too. Press start design above, and choose the characteristic’s you like.

They add:

Then personalise teddy bear with photo and expressions, and make this Bags Of Love exclusive photo teddy bear gift. The options include adding jumper or teddy bear T-Shirt incorporated in the print design.

Have fun building the character you like using facial expressions, and fashion styles for your personalised teddy bear clothes.

When you have assembled and designed your teddy you can be receiving the custom teddy bear next day delivery.

Bags of Love have noticed quiet a few personalised teddy bears for boyfriends being made, often with names on the back like footballers, as well as some endearing customised bridesmaid teddy bears too.

Personalised Teddy BearBags of Love

Often people need them fast. For instance, if there’s an emergency and you need a teddy for a wedding.

Luckily, Bags of Love can offer personalised teddy bears with next day delivery.

So you might be reading this stuck for options, wondering which avenue to pursue when it comes to your dream personalised bear.

Well, and I’m not joking about here, may I suggest this:

Personalised Josh Teal Teddy BearBags of Love

‘Sexy, but who is it?’ you’re probably saying. It’s me, your boi, JT.

If you discount the Claire’s Accessories gold chain, I’m confident this is a pretty stellar bedfellow.

Whenever you find yourself lying awake at night, mulling over non-issues, my face will always be there to say: ‘Really, mate? Sack off this rubbish and let’s get some sleep.

‘You, that is. I can’t close my eyes inside this confined nightmarish teddy bear world.’

Thank me later.

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