You Can Now Get Your Partner’s Face On Your Underwear


Some people think saying ‘I love you’ is enough to show affection for your other half. Well, you could do that, or you could get their face plastered onto your underwear. 

Cue the ‘that’s one way to get into their pants’ jokes.

There’s been a range of things you can customise with your friends’ face, your pets’ face, or your own – if you’re egotistical enough – recently.

A little while back I was thinking: ‘wow, my friend’s face on an air freshener. Now I’ve seen it all’. Unfortunately, it appears I was living a sheltered and uninspired life.

Yes, you can now get your partner’s face printed multiple times all over your underwear. What a world we live in. Think of it as a way to keep them close.

Face BlanketShelfies

Shelfies have released the product, at a mere £24.74, and they’ve admitted their uniqueness (and weirdness) with the product description:

We’ve got some of the craziest and unique designs the internet has ever seen… but we don’t have everything.

Especially not your face. Upload your image, we’ll do all the design magic and within no time you’ll have a real clothing item with your face allover.

You simply have the task of choosing the one picture that earns a place under your clothes; upload it to the site and your new underwear will be on its way.

Shelfies don’t want you to hide this iconic underwear away though, oh no. These are for the world to see! Apparently, it’s even cool to flash them if you’re just going out for a coffee.

Partner's Face On Underwear

They add on their website:

It’s no secret everyone’s obsessed with butts (and we’re no different). Now you can show off your emmm… Shelfies design whenever and wherever you please: to bed, at the gym, or even while you chill at your favourite cafe.

The design follows a range of face-filled items the company has released recently – including t-shirts, blankets and phone cases.

If having your partner on your underwear isn’t enough, you can also have them all over your bed. Wow, Shelfies really open themselves up to some innuendos.

But it’s true; in a similar way to the underwear, Shelfies will customise your bedsheets and pillowcases with a picture of your choice.

I think it’s a good way to freak your friends out if they ever come over – especially if you use their face and don’t tell them about it beforehand.

Shelfies give an equally descriptive outline of their bedsheets product, writing:

Spice up your bedroom with some wild photorealistic all-over-print bed covers. You’re spending half your life sleeping (or more), so do yourself – and your bed – a favour, and make it extra special.

I suppose its a good way to make sure you can always go to bed with the person you want!

While some people honour their friends and partners through screensavers or framed photographs, you can be just as unique and crazy as Shelfies themselves and plant your significant other’s face on your underwear and on your bed.

It’ll show the true extent of your love for each other.

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