You Can Now Pick Up A Replica ‘AK-47’ At This Russian Airport

ak 47 featuredWikimedia

If you’ve ever been to the airport you’ll know the delicious temptation of duty free and the urge to pick up a crafty 15 litre bottle of vodka or a 2 tonne bag of M&M’s, but an airport in Russia’s selling something far more dangerous.  

As shocking as it may sound Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport has actually began selling guns, and not just any old guns, the infamous AK-47 favoured by on-screen bad guys around the world.

Thankfully the store selling them, Kalashnikov Concerns, isn’t daft enough to sell actual guns in an airport, as handy as it would be for dealing with a particularly long queue for the toilet on a plane, and they’re only replicas, Wonderful Engineering reports.

While there you can also pick up some other Kalashnikov branded goodies including t-shirts and jackets, if you’re family are big into dangerous weaponry they’re perfect gifts.

Vladimir Dmitriev, who heads up marketing for Kalashnikov Concerns is extremely happy with the stores opening.

He said: 

Opening our store at one of the busiest airports in the country is a natural step on the way to become closer to our clients and to attract new consumers for our products.

Let’s be honest we can’t see this idea taking off in the UK, we’re not even allowed nail clippers here!